Lease Management System – Is it actual solution for you?

If you’re managing or leasing some property you must be aware of the difficulties faced during the lease management process. Today lease management of commercial properties is gone beyond the paperwork or spreadsheets. We’ll demonstrate how your  lease management system requires comprehensive software solutions? Why is lease management system the best solution? In the business of […]

Why is it important to have a mobile application for your business?

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      April 25, 2017

In today’s world of technology, the growth of smartphones couldn’t be denied by anyone. Its usage of smart has also been increased among the user, they always the online presences to achieve various tasks. Now people have the technology and they prefer to use it for the solution, therefore responsive designs are not enough. User/ […]

Top 4 questions related to the resource virtual training

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      April 24, 2017

Resource virtual training refers to the training of resources from the virtual environment, the trainer or the learner might be available at the same time but at different locations according to the convenience of the learner. Resource virtual training has an ability to engage different participant from different locations at the same time for the […]

101 SEO Tips and Tricks you should know to Grow on the Internet

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      April 23, 2017

Any ambitious company that wants to climb on the Internet, needs all its online channels are fully visible. This is the reality that has made ​​more and more companies are interested in everything related to the organic positioning. In this story we offer 101 tips to make your SEO company is placed in the top [...]

Tip for the selection of best HR software in Saudi Arabia

Human resource department is modifying with the change of time, now management of employees, recruitment of the employees, maintenance of the employee’s attendance, employee performance and many other tasks of HR department are not manually managed by the department. There is no more need to check the manual records for the employee’s contract or the […]

Cloud Based Software Solutions – Recruitment’s future

Cloud Based Software Solutions are the great innovation in the industry of information technology. It has eliminated the struggle for the management of hardware as well as software solutions with complete ease of usage and user-friendliness. Different industries are using applications in clouds and keep themselves free from the headache of data storage, system compatibility, remote […]

Enhance your Business with Search Engine Marketing Services by SolutionDots Systems

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      April 22, 2017

Search Engine Marketing Services by SolutionDots Systems Search engine marketing (SEM) means online marketing or promotion of any website/software to increase its availability on search engine result page. Search engine marketing is associated with keywords, competitive analysis and different services of search engine for the purpose of traffic generation. It is a most effective and […]

Online Reputation Management Services – Is it the requirement of my business?

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      April 21, 2017

Today is the age of information technology, and World Wide Web ensures that information is available to everyone globally. Search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing etc. helps to separate the information according to the topics and make the user able to access the related information. Online Reputation Management Services explained below: What actually an […]

Why Cloud Based ERP Technology Is Important for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      April 21, 2017

Why Cloud ERP for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises SMEs Cloud Based ERP Technology is a technology that hosts a software service from any remote location and can be freely accessed anywhere through the internet. Instead of installing a software on multiple computers you only need to sign-in like login on yahoo and Gmail etc. Now […]

How Has Payroll System Changed The HR Process?

Payroll services are considered as an important part of HR process because this is a department specialize in the preparation of employee’s salaries and assurance of company’s compliance with various tax. It is quite crucial for the company from accounts and human resource perspective. If an organization is facing problem in payroll services, employee’s salaries […]

Top 5 Reasons Behind Increased Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate of a website Bounce Rate of a website means the visitors are unable to find relevant material and leaving the website from landing page without searching or exploring it more. Business always wants to engage the visitors by making the things more interested and relevant for them. In the case of online business […]

How An ERP System Boost The Productivity Of Any Business?

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      April 20, 2017

ERP systems have become an essential part of all well-organized and effective businesses. Selecting an ERP system is an important and strategic decision because it can improve the productivity of an organization as well as an employee. If you are going to transform your business, then we must say that you are going to get […]

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