5 Stunning Features of Responsive Websites Designs (RWD)

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      October 22, 2017

Before starting my actual article I would like to elaborate the definition of responsive website design. Because you can’t understand the features clearly until you won’t have knowledge about what is meant by responsive design. Responsive Design _ is an approach to designing & developing a website, application or games with respect to a user’s [...]

Top 8 Email Marketing Terms Every Marketer Should Know

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      October 20, 2017

Email marketing is a term that allows you to hit your potential customers directly in their inbox. You can share the details and updates of your business to them without having any third party interference. Email marketing could be used to share the product updates, new offers and technology news with the clients. There are […]

Focus Areas of Data Center Security

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      October 20, 2017

Data centers (DC) are considered as a brain normally organization and could normally found in the large organizations or within the complex infrastructure. In simple words, data centers are known as computer houses having a backup for power supplies, data communication centers and different environmental control along with security devices. Data center security is essential […]

Android Application Development in Saudi Arabia

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      October 19, 2017

Android app development method means the development of software especially for the smart smartphone. Now we can’t even imagine our existence without smartphones, there are nearly four billion users of android now handiest in Saudi Arabia and they may be increasing hastily. Nearly 1.6 million android apps are to be had in Google play store […]

Top 6 question should be asked by web hosting providers

Web hosting basically a remote server of your website could be considered as a home for the website. Web hosting services are used for the appearance of your digital business or portfolio to worldwide through an internet connection and all of the information is stored on the remote servers that are special computers. While web […]

Top 3 Reasons to Move Towards the Cloud ERP Software Solutions

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      October 18, 2017

    Nowadays everything is mobilized and in any business, it really matters to move with the technology, it is not necessary to keep an eye at the performance of the employees by sitting in the office because technology has made it more easy process. Now management can check the performance of employee as well [...]

How Android Application Design Can Take Your Business To New Edge Of Success?

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      October 17, 2017

Android Application Design Services Android app development has grown to be an essential issue for organizations today because android phone spread everywhere in the global in market with in no time. People are shopping for smartphones at ever-growing speeds and there are a lot of individuals who own more than one smartphone. Android has become […]

Key Features of ERP Event Management System

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      October 17, 2017

An ERP event management system is an innovative invention in the field of management. It is a system that allows the event management system to move with the technology and make the complete process of event management easy and simple and smooth. It allows the event management industry to provide better services and increase the [...]

How to Choose ERP Software For Your Organization?

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      October 16, 2017

Selection of ERP for your business is most important and critical decision. If we talk about ERP software it is expensive automation decision for you. There are many reason to select right ERP software for your business. But in this post I will show you which ERP system is best for your company or organization. [...]

Has Event Management System Made Event Organization Easy?

Event management system is a comprehensive software solution that could provide the chances of enjoyment along with event organization. It has smooth line various event organizing tasks and shares a heavy burden of the workload with the organizer so can enjoy the tasks more than earlier. Event management system (EMS) is a dynamic as well […]

Ultimate-Recruiter, Recruitment Management System (E-Recruitment Software)

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      October 16, 2017

What is Recruitment Management System? Definition of Recruitment Management System: A Recruitment Management System (RMS), also known as an e-recruitment or online recruitment system. It is a multi-component software tool designed to computerize the processes involved in finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new recruits. Sub-Modules of Recruitment Management System  Recruitment Module is further divided in 4 [...]

Top 5 Amazing Features of Lease Management System

Lease Management software solution is a comprehensive solution of proper lease management system in an effective way with the efficient approach. It ensures the accuracy of data related to property, location, accounts and maintenance with smooth lining the complete process including agreement preparation. Top 5 Amazing Features of Lease Management System Lease management system is […]

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