Intelligent ERP – Core to Business Digital Transformation

ERP (Cloud), Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      January 16, 2018

An Intelligent ERP application undoubtedly deliver’s a worth to your business. While working on the core to business digital transformation variety of procedures are required to improve. The transformation has been enhanced user experience and brought an innovation in business techniques. Intelligent ERP has positively speed up the procedure. ERP leaders and the customers have […]

Top 5 retail success tips in 2017

Every business has priority to improve their services and enhance their business. The retailer also start planning the aspect of improvement in the start of new year, today we have planned to throw a light on such aspect the could impact the business growth as well as business performance in positive manners. Here are top […]

How to create an effective logo for a brand?

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      November 8, 2017

Designing a logo is an essential thing for any business, it will be intended to drive comprehensive meaning of your business to the clients without any further explanation. It will the identity of your brand among the competitors as well as in the market. So, the logo of the brand should have the ability to […]

How Has Payroll System Changed The HR Process?

Payroll services are considered as an important part of HR process because this is a department specialize in the preparation of employee’s salaries and assurance of company’s compliance with various tax. It is quite crucial for the company from accounts and human resource perspective. If an organization is facing problem in payroll services, employee’s salaries […]

How to Convince to Invest In Updated Cloud Based ERP System?

ERP (Cloud), Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      November 7, 2017

Working with an old/traditional software is quite annoying. As usage of traditional manual spreadsheets, non-reliable and other data entry. It seems strange to compete with today’s opponent by supporting old weapons. Therefore, it becomes necessary to convince the owner or management to transform towards cloud based ERP system. Convincing the management towards right technology at […]

Failure in Hitting Organization’s Targeted Revenues

Setting a target revenue for an organization is essential for the achievement of goals. Usually, business set target revenues but miss an opportunity to meet them due to various reasons such as: They’re using simple or manual systems for the management Systems are unable to handle complexity They fail in gathering and maintaining accurate records […]

Top 10 Open Source CRM Systems

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      November 6, 2017

A Buyer's Report on the Market of Open Source CRM Software Open Source Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) have much going for them: they are less expensive they are easily modifiable, if you have a team adept at computing on open source and if it does, can find designers who are willing And often at lower than [...]

Talent Management System (TMS) by SolutionDots Systems

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      November 6, 2017

  Talent management system (TMS) is human resource strategy to improve business worth and to make it possible for organizations to reach their goals. It is also an organization’s commitment to recruiting, retain and develop the talented employees. Talent management system is a software developed by SolutionDots Systems that addresses to the four pillars of [...]

Talent Management Software for Small Companies

Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      November 5, 2017

Talent management is a term used by the Human Resource department describes its loyalty for a company to hire, manage and retain talented superior employees. When opportunities arise effective strategy of talent management enables various departments of the company to identify available talent. Talent management software gives significant role, responsibilities to managers in the recruitment [...]

Top 4 question should be asked by the retail POS service provider

You’re looking for a retail POS system that perfectly suits your business no doubt this is a quite critical decision. You need to complete the market research related to different retail POS systems as well as service providers. Don’t take unnecessary stress but understand the complete values as well as terms of your own business. […]

Time management tips for the retailer to boost productivity

We have heard a saying from childhood “Time is money” but most of us didn’t understand it thoroughly on the other side this saying has become a strict rule of the retailer or the business owner’s life. Time management is not an easy but an important task but technology has made it easy. Time management […]

Why Move with SDS Cloud Business – Top 10 Benefits

ERP (Cloud), Saudi ERP & Website Solution Blog      November 4, 2017

What actually toady’s business demand for success? Business intelligence tools and data analytics that could help them in the business evaluation and finalize the strategic decisions. Therefore SDS cloud business is the best solution of today’s business problems having a lot of business benefits. SDS Cloud business is basically a merger of two latest technologies […]

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