People Actually Uses HR Software Solution

HRMS (HR & Payroll)      November 7, 2017

HR software solution is not necessarily used by the human resource department of an organization. In fact, some of the top organizations don’t have any specific team for HR department. No one can say that this software solution is actually only for the recruiter or HR professionals. People own different position may also use this […]

How Has Payroll System Changed The HR Process?

Payroll services are considered as an important part of HR process because this is a department specialize in the preparation of employee’s salaries and assurance of company’s compliance with various tax. It is quite crucial for the company from accounts and human resource perspective. If an organization is facing problem in payroll services, employee’s salaries […]

How to Select Best Recruitment Software Solution for Business?

HRMS (HR & Payroll)      October 31, 2017

Most of the experts from human resource department are well-aware with the pressure of task effectiveness and candidate’s consistent tracking. Things can be simplified by the help of an efficient recruitment software that supports in applicant management. Applicant management system is a simple tool available in recruitment software that consists of employee’s performance tracking, candidate’s […]

Recruiter by SolutionDots Systems – A flawless recruitment software solution

Recruitment is an important but critical process of hiring right personnel for your organization at the right position and the right time. It is not just about hiring but a complete process of hiring including various steps: Access / maintain recruitment policy Build the strategies Place a job offer Resume screening Phone screening Assessment Interview […]

How HCM Manage and Engage Workforce?

HRMS (HR & Payroll), Telent Management      October 9, 2017

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a comprehensive software solution for engagement as well as management of your workforce. HCM is a best and valuable solution because human capital is a valued asset for any organization. Their skills, training, qualification and productivity important for organization’s growth and human capital management system will help the organization in […]

Tip for the selection of best HR software in Saudi Arabia

Human resource department is modifying with the change of time, now management of employees, recruitment of the employees, maintenance of the employee’s attendance, employee performance and many other tasks of HR department are not manually managed by the department. There is no more need to check the manual records for the employee’s contract or the […]

How An HR Software Benefits An Organization?

HRMS (HR & Payroll)      September 14, 2017

Today technology has changed the various things in the profession of human resources. An organized and effective HR software becomes an organizational necessity nowadays. Although business and industries have moved on with technology, still there is some business working old manual processes. They found technology solution a dissatisfying tool. Here human resource department feels unjustified […]