Business Transformation, ERP Solutions for Growing Businesses

Business Transformation, ERP Solutions for Growing Businesses

Rapid advancement requires organizations to be more active for embracing changes in global market and stay competitive. Companies can streamline their processes with maximized productivity with ERP systems. In the last few years, ERP has emerged as an essential tool for enterprises. Some of the way’s ERP software improves business performance include;

Increased Internal Efficiency

An ERP removes repetitive and dull manual work and reduces human errors. Coordination of primary resources in real-time creates capabilities which utilize all available resources to their maximum extent.

Enhanced Decision Making Processes

ERP system enables functions like manufacturing, supply chain, operations, and human resources, to operate on the same page. The increased collaboration empowers different departments to analyze and draw conclusions to make more informed decisions.

Improved Security

Business processes get integrated from all its business units; data is standardized in a central data database. One primary data storage may turn a big target for potential bad actors. It's easy to manage and more importantly, secure, as opposed to data that is stored at different places within an organization.

ERP was firstly designed to optimize manufacturing operators, now are used in all sectors. There are various advantages of deploying customized ERP solutions:

Lower cost of Deployment

By customizing your systems, features could be delivered in a modular fashion and company don't have to pay for features which they may not need nor will ever use.

It's hard to implement new technology into the current workflows. Deploying a customized solution enables companies to work with the software vendor to build a platform-specific to their services.

Enhanced system performance and scalability

Customized solutions leave out bulky modules; the system is generally lean and functions better. Later on, can be integrated with additional modules as the business grows.

Choosing an ideal ERP system is a challenging decision facing IT leaders today. To assist you get a sense of the kinds of decisions that go into selecting an ERP system, I picked five ERP solution providers that businesses should consider engaging with:

SolutionDot Systems

SolutionDot Systems is a Saudi Arabia based software development and IT service provider company currently operating in USA, KSA, and Pakistan. The company designs Cloud based ERPs for every kind of businesses. These ERPs helps to settle all the hectic manual tasks. The company provides solutions at a very affordable price. Clients can also order for customized solutions to match their business types. Solutions are incredibly flexible, and implementation is very easy.


NaviWorld powered by Microsoft Business Solutions, located in Thailand. The company offers turn-key solutions to be deployed by its highly-skilled consultants. The services are assisting clients in selecting the right tools, diagnostics, design, project management, implementation, and user and internal advocate training.


Abeo is one of Asia’s leading providers and a renowned expert in ERP softwares. SAP powers some of the most prominent organizations in the world. It has a presence in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and India.  Company assists in simple helpdesk provision to support users, or a full, end-to-end business transformation. Assists companies to cut costs and boost efficiencies while fostering brand loyalty, whether for a B2C or a B2B enterprise.


AFON Singapore based company which provides solutions to small and medium enterprises.  The company works with your business to find the right solution to fit your business precisely, regardless of size. When you engage the company, you get four top tiers ERP systems to choose from – SAP, Sage 300, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and NetSuite – to find the optimal solution for your company and industry.


Malaysia based company; Wavelet Solutions is for the SMEs seeking ERP solutions that are cost-effective. The company’s web-based Enterprise Management Planning software is a modular platform that can be tailored and coordinated based on individual needs.Wavelet EMP has a wide range of modules to cater to many industries.