Cloud based ERP Benefits for Hotel Management

Cloud based ERP Benefits for Hotel Management

Hotel management is a large business and accounts on lots of aspects to be handled at once. Running a hotel is not as easy as its seen. Hotels are the busiest areas, and they require 24/7 to be active. It gets tough for hoteliers to tackle this all manually and keep their customers satisfied. A cloud based ERP solution can easily manage these all hassles in one go. A hotel owner has to address a lot of aspects let’s see how an online ERP system can control them without hassles.

Reservation Centre

The reservation system provides several Dashboard View to check availability with the Week and Month Chart. Front Office Module reduces guest check-in time by delivering the simplest Rooms & date Selection options to Front Office user. Users can easily create bookings, hold the reservation, and can download all the booking history in an excel sheet.

Front Office Operations

Cloud based ERP system front office dashboard displays up to the moment information so that the Front office can spend most of the time with the guest. A quick and easy way to handle Check-in, Checkout, housekeeping, Room Service, Room Transfer, Other charges, etc. Removes all sort of error chances and makes the front office worker easily focus on day proceedings

Profile management

With the help of a profile management module, maintain your Customer details efficiently plus corporate discounts, pricing, etc. It also helps to provide the details of booking through the travel agents or other sources. In this way all records of customers get saved and no manual working required which takes a lot of time.

Inventory Management

Maintains tight control of your inventory by Providing the option of Purchase indent to your Departments. Manages every inventory and its placement within your storage. The system operates Supplier payment and enables tight control of all the Goods receiving at your Hotel. Food & Costing Analysis module helps to create recipe details of the menu items with analysis of costing each time on the sale of the item.

Banquet management

User can easily track booking services and make the customers stay satisfied. ERP module will allow to capture the amenities available for the different venue and let the user easily guide the customer. Allows to add a chart which provides the calendar view of your all the booking with details of no. of attendees, booking of Multiple Meal plans, snacks & beverages for the event.

Payroll management

Helps in the Management of employee data, including Payroll, Salary Slips, and Vouchers. The system maintains the Employee Personal Information including DOB, DOJ, Blood Group, etc. and also work History including category and Division. Pay roll module helps to deliver on time salary and keep employees motivated.


ERP provides an Account Module to provide a comprehensive solution for other Hotel Billing Modules with Accounts. System helps to separate each account and do proper calculations for every department. Cloud solutions manage hotels day to day accounts, accounts heads, Accounting voucher, quick payment, and prompt receipt under one module.