Art of Building Effective Team

Art of Building Effective Team

All we need is a hiring process which is unbiased, inclusive and provides us a potential candidate to fit within the company’s culture. A firm hiring process is required for recruitment. But what would be the parameters for the effectiveness of this process?

Best Recruitment is finding an excellent talent and merging it within the company to make a capable team.

Companies success heavily rely on their employees, and for this, an effective recruitment procedure needs to be implemented. Hiring an applicant consists of several critical stages, which include awareness, application, assessment, analysis, and finally, acquisition.


Awareness is the first step, and it plays crucial role in grabbing the right candidate. Candidates who are interested in applying for your job post must learn enough about your company and its culture. After getting enough awareness, then they apply for the job.

How to create awareness? Media is the place where candidates heavily rely. Try publishing your job openings where they fit the best like niche job boards, social media networks, professional networks, mobile applications, communities, and passive talent pools, among others. The right channel will be a great help in generating awareness and will attract the right person.

Application Process

Get an application tracking software it will help in managing multiple job postings from a single interface. Make sure there are web forms across job boards for candidates to find a job to apply.

A centralized vendor portal must be utilized by recruiters by which third-party recruitment agencies or vendors can contribute candidate profiles for precise job openings. This creates harmony in the process, and the right candidates find the right jobs.


 Recruiters must keep the candidates engaged and informed throughout the interview process. Just keep interacting with applicants directly on their social profiles and schedule automated emails to join them and continuously communicate any valuable information going further, whether they are a prospect or not. Candidate relationship management should be on priority as it let the candidate analyze the position more accurately.


Experts must evaluate both the skills and personality of the candidate. Its not enough to depend on the capabilities of the candidate as employee retention can be guaranteed only when a candidate resonates with the company’s vision and identifies their career growth within the organization.


To make candidates deliver their best is to offer them value. When a candidate switches jobs, candidates expect more from a company. They expect more from their recruiters as well. It’s essential that recruiters dedicate their time to research a company’s work atmosphere, employee benefits, ongoing education, provision for parallel work, study opportunities, and travel potential.

By adopting all these steps, a recruiter can build an efficient team, although it takes time to adapt to the continually changing talent needs and the influence of technology on it. If you apply the right strategy and your fundamentals are on point, the right candidates will make their way to you.