ERP Implementation Case Study : 5 Phases to Implement ERP System

ERP Implementation is the process of implementation of business activities into automated system or application.

What is ERP? How to implement an ERP System?

According to Webopedia Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

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ERP system farther divided into modules system. Which consists of multiple software modules. It based on organization criteria and Requirements. Every module based on the process of business criteria and requirement like production, inventory and other like this.

Master Your Project Management Skills-Project Management Essentials

1. Getting Started with ERP Implementation and More! Need Evaluation

You need to know more about ERP implementation. Which will help you to get better idea & knowledge. When you start to implement an ERP system their organization, you need to evaluate all data and its requirement according to given Clients Data.

2. Get Understanding About Desired ERP

You need to study whole ERP Functionality and its modules. What is ERP And how it works? If you don’t have idea about ERP Enterprise Resource Planning then you need to read ERP Modules Guide.

3. Project Management-Get Understanding About Project, Process, Tools!

When you get start project management activity you need to know about all tools which required to implement ERP. You need to read Top Tools for ERP Enterprise Resource Planning. When you start this procedure you must have core experience about ERP tools. And its process of collection of Data.

4. Research Different ERP Implementation Methodologies

When you about to implement ERP you need to study Different ERP Implementation Methodologies before startup. Research based implementation save more time and money. First, you need to know about right and suitable methodology for implementation. How to Select the Right ERP Implementation Methodology for Your Company.

ERP Implementation
ERP Implementation Phases

Phase 1 - Project Preparation

5. Project Preparation Knowledge, Why Preparation is So Important?

When you are going to start project implementation. You must have understanding of project detail. This is most important part of the entire process. Project management is a very complex process. There are chances of many risks occurrence, so take this process with utmost attention. You need to read Things to Prepare For Before Kicking Off Any Project.

6. What's include in Presales?

You must have an idea about Presales activities. There are many functions about contributors. You need to take it deeper detail. We shall try and clear up  the function called ‘pre-sales’ in a more elaborate and descriptive manner.

7. What's Statement of Work (SOW)? How it works?

This statement of work (SOW) is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverable, and timeline a seller  must execute for clients to perform specified work . The SOW usually includes detailed requirements and pricing, with standard regulatory and governance terms and conditions.

8. How to Make a Perfect Project Timeline?

There are many factor involved to project preparation process. You must review basic need of business and its problems. Project objectives stating with all main problems of business that might occurs. Keep in mind project scope as well as business benefits.

9. How to rectify Risk Management?

When we talk about risk management it form of entire business activity with successful delivery of project, bug free product. How to Manage Project Risks. You need to review all CIO risk management Article which help to present all tips.

10. How to SetUp  Efficient Project Team?

When we think about teamwork it come out with a lot of passion and dedication. Your team must have ability to perform task. Create a list of task and distribute it among all team players as per their skills.

Phase 2 - Business Pattern

11. Honest Clear Authentic View by Delivering AS-IS Analysis

AS-IS is the analysis of common wealth program. This report prepared by the support of team and business management. Stand and deliver analysis.

12. AS-IS Questionnaire Sample

You need to prepare of AS-IS Questionnaire sample for the meeting. It Should show all weak points of business and its remedies. You need to create online survey for the business that should clearly define all factors of business which business suffer.

13. Design Business Organization Structure

First you need to know about how business will work and what will be the main activities which involve in the business. All function it will perform and its location of functions. Authoritative rights of functions within its domain.

14. Annual Demand Forecast Process-Flowchart Sample

There are many factors for the Forecasting process chart sample but some of them are effective. You need to follow these step while you are mining for the annual report. Manager, Forecasting & Choice of Methods must be considered for the annual demand process flow chart.

15. Review Meetings (Inspection)

First you need to establish the process of performance review meeting & conversation. Outline of agenda for the meeting. You can ask from employee about the reviews. Review important parts of the performance. Discus challenges and their success. Read How to Conduct a Performance Review Meeting.

Phase 3 – Realization

16. Know About Static Data Migration

As we know the process of Data migration is very sensitive. Before Startup of Data migration you must purify the Data. I mean you need to rectify all error of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Data must be formatted to meet the new system' standard. It can be done manually or automated. Read Data migration Tips.

17. Data Collection Sample

When you start collection of Data you must follow a format. There are many methods which can help to get Data. We need to know how to collected Data? Method that can help to get Data? There are 3 simple method of data collection which can help you to get perform well.

18. Define User' Roles & Authorizations Level

Think about users' Roles and Authorizations level that you want to give them. Management of internal control system mean large number of functions changing people need to perform task. Like we should define various authorization levels to all the users that will communicate/registered on your ERP System. In order to provide a higher security level of all sensitive data of our system we need to restrict all users up to some extent. Exactly as per their role within organization. There are many features you need to read all features. Visit Roles & Authorizations Concept.

19. What is Integration Testing?

Integration testing can define as integration and testing (I&T).  This is software quality and development process which programed tested with individual and form of group. A unit defined as smallest part of software application. I just read an article on techtarget it give me complete  overview about integration testing or integration and testing (I&T) definition.

20. Knowledge of Go-live Strategy

When entire installation will be complete then we need to go live with system. And make sure everyone is ready to face to use system first day. Sometime vendor give you instructions according to organization requirements. Some of best practice for how to prepare for a system go live.

Phase 4 - Final Preparation

21. What's Final Preparation?

The purpose of this phase is to prepare the One System SAP Business  for the client organization for the production to go-live. The core key activities include in this phase are the completion of user and administrator training as well as a final fine-tuning of the SAP Business One system. As part of final system tests, necessary adjustments are made to resolve all remaining critical open issues. Cut-out the completed activities during the Final Preparation phase..

22. Operations Manual Report Sample

You must have experience how to write Operations Manual report. But don’t worry about this problem.  Here Operational manual sample. go through mentioned linked, it shall depict you a well written sample, you can use it to learn. You should have skills to right it.

23. End Users Training

Your first objective in providing software training to end-users, that's minimize any productivity losses associated with the software transition. It means you have to,  get them up to their skills level to do their job as quickly as possible. Be quick and precise to all those users that already have some skills on old software(or manual methods). Then in the next phase, you would make sure that  the software is helping users do their jobs more quickly, accurately, and  more securely than before. Read more

Phase 5 - Go-live Support

24. What's Go live Support?

When everything is done you need to provide effective support for the system to the end users. You must hired expert who maintain the system with its all efficiency and Deficiency.

25. Enlightened Support Strategy

Make sure you have knowledgeable support strategy for the system. It must include all point and its features. To makes your have good ERP System with better maintenance strategy backup for future as well.