How ERP System Improves Customer Satisfaction?

How ERP system improves customer satisfaction

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that deals with how to manage any resources available in your business organization? In simple words, when you start a office and you are one or with some of the employees running a business and its functionality is straightforward. Even pen and pencil do it. But when you expand your business, you hire more staff and more services include business activities increase and getting start often seems complicated. You need to manage all these activities as systematic. ERP will help you in managing all tasks of business and  your resources as well.

Many ERPs enlisted with customer management system which stores all previous correspondence with clients so you can anytime access from the previous record. Erp system have best reporting capabilities enable you to analysis your progress in any end.


Aspects of ERP System To Improve Customer Satisfaction Level

There are many Aspects of ERP system that act incredibly effective ways to  improves customer satisfaction level. I have cut down some of the most important one for you, these are:

1. Accurate Provision of Delivery Dates

ERP allow you to  build strong relationship with your existing and new customers. It allow you to complete accurate provision of delivery dates. It also give delivery services at your customer's door step. It also allow to eShop to build customer relation with these new innovative features of technology.

2. Accurate provision of Order Dates

ERP System allow you to manage all dates of deals between business and  your customers. It also give you to complete information of transaction dates with proven  automated reports. When customer reserve the order it auto remind you to take action on the behalf the order requirements as per your defined authoritative rights within the Software.

3. Returns/Repairs Tracking

When customers return the products to the business. Business need to to be able to receive and repair or change the product. It is very effective system to manage all activities regarding the customer’s problems.

4. Accurate Provision for Discount

ERP system allow to deduct Discount and refund for the products. If the customers purchase the product and you have discount offer for the product, the system will auto deduct discount and measures the percentage of discount amount as defined in backend system (Database). It is very effective for the customer’s satisfaction. As everybody feels delighted by purchasing products with lower/discounted prices.

5. Issued Invoice

As we know the good ERP system have many features for the customers but the primary Role of good ERP system is to issue invoice for the customers as per their clients' requirements. From the beginning of ERP system less improve. But now days it allow you to manage all activities auto with satisfaction of clients and customers.

6. Time Saving 

ERP System save much time for the customers it allow Customers to save their time and take action instant. It give you complete range of action.