How ERP Software Systems Index for Manufacturing

How ERP Software Index for Manufacturing

Looking for a oriented ERP Manufacturing Projects We invite you SolutionDots ERP for overall management of the organizations working on projects, combining the features of an ERP with all business management capabilities in a single environment.

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When a company takes on projects manufacturing, actually responds to different things each time. A project by definition is a set of interrelated activities and coordinated for a specific purpose and that has a beginning and an end. Manufacturing A project is thus a special form of manufacturing that requires adequately managed leveraging previous experiences.

ERP Software Systems Index for Manufacturing

Some of the requirements of particular interest are based on the management of offers and the importance of acquiring managed flexibly and versions, retrieving information from other projects or retrieving information from other makes. We know that at times the negotiation process can be significant and must be maintained throughout this stage organized and in its different versions.

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The access to information is obtained through the documentary Centralization Dossier, which is a part of special interest to those who manufacture about projects, for example, store their planes or store a record and any technical or administrative document is. Have in place and the right time is an invaluable advantage.

Manufactured by projects involving special events inside and outside the factory, sometimes not there factory, which can be reached partially or fully outsource the work. Normally there are activities with displacements as assembly and maintenance services.

What is important is the planning and coordination activities between areas to manage across each of the areas, load balancing, management needs, manage tasks and OT flexibly, ensuring compliance with deadlines and high rate of effectiveness.

These are some of the advantages of working on specialized management systems with ERP Manufacturing Project as it is SolutionDots ERP. It has a complete and flexible system that will improve the management and ensure the profitability of their projects, tasks and phases planners, systems that transcend the old MRP, with configurable alerts can monitor all stages of your project.

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How ERP software systems index for manufacturing

There is a significant net savings in the reuse advantages of time domain analysis and modeling. Code documentation and libraries allows an intensive and highly practical use. However, the advice in this area is one of the competitive advantages of using SolutionDots designs to allow an immediate answer from any strategic vision complement the launch. There is a significant number of responses to functional workflows and business models based on processes. Object-oriented paradigms create classes that encapsulate data and algorithms, and are reusable for different applications and architectures. Classes are stored in libraries or APIs from which the iterations are composed to generate new applications.


By reusing components along the process less time is spent creating models, plans, documents, codes and data necessary to create specific or development of new vertical settings. Significantly reducing the efforts and work on a cross-platform that covers a huge amount of sectors processes.

ERP software systems index for manufacturing

SolutionDots is a software engineering that takes special care in the areas of design and architecture. This requires a strict philosophy of POO continues, defining common interfaces for communication between objects through the application of software engineering methodologies, which are met by each and every one of the team members. This provides high levels of LHD (Low Human Dependence), resulting in designs finally "blind", that while covered with mathematical precision the processes required, its structure is not directly dependent on them. This, ultimately, ensures process changes that can be easily incorporated into the design, allowing systems to adapt easily to new situations not covered initially.

Architecture: just like in a building, which enjoyed the comfort of the interior niceties, is its structure that gives sturdiness and safety systems are built based on a well-defined architecture. These "facilities" are very important and should not be neglected, but do not define the building. And structurally it is damaged, we will soon be the victim of cracks, leaks, raised floors and clogged drains. And in this scenario hardly we enjoy the interior comfort. Likewise, a system with a nice interface that anticipates our needs, but showing no saturation, which always find the option to perform the action you want, we will definitely make life easier and make us more pleasant to use. And that's what you see. For this reason, we work this section with great depth, because it is always taken into account and perfectly tuned to the criteria used for the acquisition decision either system. And this can only be done with a good structure. Buenos well implemented designs. So simple and so complex. So obvious, but so unusual.

The experience as a software company can be displayed on our main product is SolutionDots Platform. System PHP and large in size, according to the official cataloging based Software Engineering metric, is "very large" a "giant". If we rely on COCOMO (constructive cost model), and we consider that SolutionDots has about 1 million lines of code allocated among its thousands of objects, we are in the category of Giant, the highest within this metric.