Top 25 Best Investment Management Software

Top 25 Investment Management Software in 2015

Are you searching for Top 25 Investment Management Software ? Then let me tell you that you are at right place. I have gathered all worldwide famous top 25 investment management software in 2015 for you. Investment management software is one most admirable and newest innovation in Banking filed. Just like other fields of science. All over the world the most of multinational companies are switching to these new innovations of technology. Investment management software is making adopted companies’ survival unbeatable in the market. Today I’m sharing with you the TOP 25 Investment Management Software in 2015.

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Top 25 Investment Management Software in 2015 will be Discussed Below

Top 25 investment management software in 2015 will be discussed below:

1. Dynamo by Netage Solution

Dynamo is a Web-based CRM solution with industry-specific capabilities for managing the front and middle office operations of alternative asset investment firms. The Dynamo platform's simple, intuitive interface, tight Microsoft Office integration, and Smartphone and tablet mobile access, delivers a rich, interactive user experience anywhere over the Web.

2. FC Portfolio by FundCount

FC Portfolio is a solution for managing of your entire investment portfolio, accounting, reporting, and client-related tasks within one powerful investment management platform. Key features include: GIPS-compliant Presentation of Performance Reporting - Wide Range of Securities Covered - Interfaces with Brokers/Custodians - Automated Broker/Custodians Reconciliation - Client Management and Billing. Check Writing - Workflow engine, Reports distribution engine - Integrated General Ledger.

3. QED by QED Financial System

QEDs portfolio management system is a complete platform for financial data management, portfolio accounting and reporting that leverages workflow automation and straight through processing to drive operational efficiency and information utilization across the financial enterprise. QEDs leading-edge technology is delivered as a service (SaaS) and available as a local network solution. Both deployments are enhanced by QEDs experienced, in-house team of accounting and support professionals.

4. Prospero by SAGE

Prospero suites of solutions are precisely fitted to the needs of specific segments of the financial services industry: Wealth Management, Asset Management, Fund Administration, and Family Offices/Independent Asset Management. Prospero covers all financial, transactional, processing and reporting needs from the Front-Office to the Middle and Back-Office areas.

5. Meep Investment by SolutionDots Systems

SolutionDots is a global leader of next generation’s information technology service providers. Originally they are designed for diverse set of (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning System & its products. Their meep investment project is the most demanding all over the world especially in Saudi Arabia. Meep investment includes portfolio, Projects, Tasks, Issues, Risks, Resources, Repots and Setup modules. All these modules work in a collaborative environment. It provides outstanding security & performance. Their User-friendly environments make it more demanding.

6. eFront by eFront

eFront is the leading software provider of solutions dedicated to the financial industry with recognized expertise in Alternative Investments and Risk Management. eFront's solutions serve major companies in the Private Equity, Real-Estate Investment, Banking, and Insurance sectors. eFront offers FrontInvest, Front GP, Investor portals, Pevara, FrontPM, and FrontERM.

7. iBalance by SoftTarget

This system is able to produce in fast time investment solution for multiple portfolios. Solutions are in line with manual intervention. We saved 2-3 working days of manual solutions with Excel Spread sheet to make allocation and Asset Mix. Portfolio management: compliance management, modeling, scenario simulation, portfolio rebalancing, workflow automation.

8. OASIS by PureLogix

OASIS is North America's first Electronic Investment Management Process. Powerful Investment Management Tools, Detailed and Customized Reporting, eDocument Generation, Client Statement Generation, Portfolio Tracking and Re-balancing Tools all in one platform. It is completely web-based - accessible anywhere on the planet 24/7/365. Extremely easy to learn and use - all point and click interface, virtually no typing. It provides unparalleled reliability, security and performance with no IT overhead.

9. AlternativeSoft by AlternativeSoft

Analytical software solution for portfolio construction, long only funds+ETF+hedge funds+UCITSIII selection. - Linked to all alternative investment databases, to Morningstar mutual funds database and to Bloomberg. - Easy to use, easy to install, free support. - Used by the largest banks in the USA and in Switzerland.

10. ChartSmart by Chartsmart Software

CHARTSMART is our main technical research tool. It is use CHARTSMART daily for everything from simple charting to the most robust and specific search and filter applications. It enables us to scan, sort, and classify thousands of companies in mere minutes and file our results for easy retrieval. You can even add a memo and file the few stocks that interest you into a new Watch List for future reference.

11. Argo Trading Platform by Argo Software

Broker-neutral multi-assets Trading Platform combines order management and charting screens, algorithmic trading servers, market data distribution system and internal order matching facility.

12. CreditPoint Software by CreditPoint

Software Solutions is for Credit Risk and Collections Management, Supplier Risk Management, and Commercial Loan Management. Our solutions feature nearly limitless configuration options, allowing you to achieve significant automation and workflow benefits, while still embracing your own expertise and experience. Visit our website for product video tours and interactive process diagrams that will take you through the process.

13. FINTRAX Platform by Capital Hedge

FINTRX allows alternative investment professionals to raise capital and organize investor interaction with incredible ease. FINTRX fuses constantly updated investor intelligence (family offices & institutions) with an integrated CRM. FINTRX users can access live family office data & family office directory information, while gaining access to a suite of marketing and CRM tools built within the interface. Merge data, create and send performance distribution list to investors, & raise capital.

14. TeamWox GroupWare by MetaQuotes Software

TeamWox is a groupware system designed to optimize the business management. This is a web application including HRM, Document and Task management, CRM, Service Desk and Live Chat for customer feedback management, IP PBX tools. Using this collaboration software, it is possible to build up an effective teamwork and speed up management decision-making based on timely and reliable information. Try the free-of-charge on-premises for up to 10 users or two-month Trial SaaS version.

 15. Wizetrade Commodities by The Wizetrade Group

It Simplifies complex market information into red-light, green-light indicators and easy-to-follow charts. The Wizetrade Commodities program is a very good bargain and once you have the basics down, you can start making successful trades right from your desktop.There is a team of specialists and trainers with The Wizetrade Group that are matched by few. The Wizetrade Group team is dedicated to helping you become successful with Wizetrade Commodities. If I were not an employee of this company, I would certainly become a customer.

16. Wealth EOffice by REDVision Technologies

It is India's First Generation on Demand Wealth Management Software. It is used for financial advisors/wealth managers/ financial Planners.

17. 360 Pro by eMoney Advisor

eMoney Advisor is the only wealth-planning system for financial advisors that offers superior transparency, accessibility, security, and organization for everything that affects their clients' financial lives. A technology envisioned and created by advisors for advisors, eMoney's award-winning software and resources are tailored to transform the advisor's ability to implement comprehensive financial plans and prepare clients for a secure financial future.

18. Advisor Desk by Salentica

Microsoft CRM module includes client, document, & expense management, email integration, targeted analytics and more.

19. AdvisorVision by AdviceAmerica

It is Comprehensive financial planning, automated advice, portfolio management and sophisticated asset allocation modeling.

20. Agilis Investment Management by Agile Financial Technologies

Agilis Investment Management Suite (IMS) is the winner of the Best Investment Mgt. Software Award. It offers Front-Mid-Back office functionality in both STP (Straight-Through-Processing) & as individual modules. It is Multi-Currency, Mult-Entity & Multi-Asset Class (Equity, Debt, Money Markets, and Real Estate etc). It also offers complete Investment Accounting within the same system. Key features include Customer Management, KYC, Risk Profiling, Model Portfolios, Performance Mgt, Analytics etc.

21. Amoeba by Real Time Risk Systems

It is an Outsource Derivatives Trading Analytics Development on the Amoeba platform"

22. ATWeb by Archway

Archway, Software Company, supports the financial operations of global Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Investment Advisors, Prime Brokers and Private Banks. Its flagship platform, ATWeb, is a web deployed enterprise solution for the accounting and investment industry. ATWeb integrates a full general ledger (G/L) to support portfolio, fund and partnership accounting with a portfolio management system.

23. Axys by Advent Software

This is Portfolio accounting and reporting system that brings speed, accuracy, and simplicity to your portfolio management functions.

24. B-One by Bi-Sam

It is a Single solution for data management, performance measurement, attribution, risk management, GIPS composite management and client reporting.

25. Bancstreet Asset Management by Bancstreet Capital Partners

It is Portal-based asset management solution allowing professionals and clients to access all information they require about their portfolios and products they are investing or planning to invest in. It Covers portfolio info, risk analytics, research, news and much more.


In the end we can conclude that, just like other fields of science Investment management software is the newest innovation in Banking filed. All over the world the most of multinational companies are switching to these new innovations of technology. Investment management software is making adopted companies’ survival unbeatable in the market. SolutionDot will privilege to offer its services to their valuable customers regarding Meep Investment. We are here to solve your problems. Our aim is to provide 100%  user satisfaction. Do not hesitate, feel free to contact us.