Logo Design Service: A Complete Representation of your Brand in a Glance

Logo Design Service in Saudi Arabia

Logo Design Service in Saudi Arabia

A good logo is tremendously important to the business whether it is digital or not, it helps in the branding of company’s name as well as help to attract new clients. An eye-catching logo will attract the client’s attention and if your logo completely represents the company’s profile it will surely leave an impact on your product on their mind. For Logo Design Service in Saudi Arabia SolutionDot Systems is the  best option for you.

There is no doubt that logo is a representation of any brand, during the promotional advertisements, on visiting cards, and on company’s website logo is available for the branding without any other information. If you want to check or create a unique and iconic logo for your brand than keep in mind that it could possess following elements:

  • Describable
  • Memorable
  • Effective
  • Scale-able
  • Relevant to the industry

These 5 elements are important in any logo design because logo could describe your brand so it will be memorable for the clients, a describable logo could me more memorable. The logo should be effective with or without color, its shape and style should be effective. Scale-ability of a logo also plays a vital role in the effectiveness of logo, the pixel shouldn’t destroy while using it as stationary like watermarks, favicon, and header logo etc. now the last and important thing is, logo should be relevant to the industry, for example, the logo of university shouldn’t represent some music industry, by seeing a logo it could be clear that it represents a university.

There are four types of logos:

  • Wordemarks
  • Lettereform
  • Pictorial
  • Abstract
  • Word-marks:

These are a self-supporting word or multi-letter abbreviation groups containing a logo, the famous word-marks logo are:  IBM, Google, eBay and CNN etc.

  • Letter-form:

Letter-form is encompassed of a single letter for example Honda, Unilever, Uber and McDonald’s etc.

  • Pictorial:

These are the illustrated symbols of identifiable things like twitter, apple, and PUMA etc.

  • Abstract:

They don’t signify anything otherwise identifiable, like abstract art. The famous abstract logo of brands likes Nike and Push flow etc.

Now there is a question that what type of logo suits to your company? This is an important question because logo design must suits to your company as it is a representation symbol of your brand.

Unfortunately, there is not any defined type of logo that works for everyone, your logo should depend on your company’s name or your business’s type. If you’re your company name is short or could be abbreviated you may use letter-form or word-mark type logo. These logos generally helps the client in remembering the company’s name. Remember you may choose any type of logo for your brand, just remember following things that shouldn’t available in your logo:

  • Logo shouldn’t have more than two fonts
  • Don’t user raster graphics because during the branding logo is going to be used in different forms like on banners, T-shirts and many other forms and raster or pixel based graphics will create problems in the form of destroyed pixel at large scale.
  • Avoid the complex logos because it could lose its effectiveness.
  • Make sure that your logo is not flooded with colors and its creativity could be seen or attracted without color.
  • Font selection really matters in success of your logo, make it sure that image and text could compete for each other
  • Don’t ever hire some unprofessional for designing your professional logo, it really matters your professional business should look professional.


The logo is doubtfully the most significant aspect of any brand. It’s planned to show the nature of a brand and promptly convey what the company does at a glimpse. A creative and eye-catching logo are required for company’s profile and the logo designing services providers should know its worth for the brand. It should be professional and tell a theme of the brand.

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