Best (POS) Point of Sale Software in Saudi Arabia

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What is POS (Point of Sale) Software?

POS is a short abbreviation used for point of sale (location) or point of service mainly by business organizations.

Point of sale software can be used by all types of business organizations regardless of their sizes and types they are dealing.

POS term is a combination of hardware and software that manages the business aspects.

There are so many benefits of using a POS system because it saves time, eliminate data duplication, increase efficiency and provide accuracy in inventory, ordering, reporting with high CRM results.

Point of sale software is playing a vital role in the field of business and without a POS business dealing and management is impossible now days. So Point of sale software in Saudi Arabia is backbone for their businesses.

Computer and peripherals are main component of a point of sale software to work properly. Peripherals is a term used for hardware devices attach to computers like printer, mouse, bar code scanner, credit card scanner and other devices.

Point of sale software system support all operating platforms, i.e. Mac, Linux and Windows. Compatibility of point of sale software with every platform provide ease and help peoples to interact with computers.

Companies using point of sale software in Saudi Arabia are for Retail, Rental Software, Saloon, Shoe Store, Sporting goods, Veterinary, Hospitality, Apparel/Fashion, Automotive, Feeds, Gift shop, Mobile orders, Payment processing, Cloud based POS, E Commerce, Farms, Pharmacy and many other businesses.


How to Select Best Point of Sale Software in Saudi Arabia?

Selection of a (POS) point of sale software for your business operations and dealing is always a difficult job. Many POS software’s are available in the market and to choose the best one as per your business requirement is a very confusing task.

Point of sale software in Saudi Arabia providing companies are many but best POS solution Provider Company is SolutionDot. Companylisten objectives and needs of its customers and developed strategic plans to provide better POS, EPOS, clouds based POS solutions. Here’s some points to evaluate or select best POS for your businesses are

  1. POS system deployment is needed to be simple.
  2. The user friendly interface is must for better understanding of customers and employees.
  3. Compatibility of Other peripherals attached to system such as bar code reader, printer, credit card reader, touch screen panel (TSP), desktop, smart Phone, internet and other devices.
  4. POS system must allow users to add or remove anything from data manually.
  5. How a point of sale software manages data record, keep track of sales & purchase, generate reports for analysis and to develop strategic plans to achieve business set goals or target.
  6. Customer info security is the most important factor in retail business because customer accounts and credit information is must have to be 100 percent secure to prevent theft or frauds.
  7. Integration of POS system with online ordering, E-commerce, customization and third party integration.
  8. Backend features and service limitations by point of sale software system.
  9. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly record reports POS system must provide to user on a single click. POS system must show these results within seconds to analyze past data to develop new strategies and planning.
  10. POS system must have these features like bar code scanning, customer account profile, discount management, customer relationship management (CRM), E-commerce, Inventory management, order management, retail management, sales tracking, Touch screen, Human resource management (HRM), production planning (PP), Promotion out & feedback and all other organizations works.

SolutionDot Best Cloud ERP Based Point of Sale Software Solutions Providers in Saudi Arabia 

There are so many Point of sale (POS) software in Saudi Arabia provided by different companies. Within 4 years SolutionDot Company show his worth in Saudi Arabia provide best POS system solutions for organization of all sizes. Here check out the list of the top point of sale software in Saudi Arabia are following

Retail ERP Software Solutions

Retail ERP software by SolutionDot is the versatile point of sale solution suite for shops, stores and multinational organizations to deal with their business operations. Although retail have huge number of modules but SolutionDot allow its customers to customize essential modules according to your business requirements.

The software provide business to customer (B2C) management, inventory makes every day’s tasks and goals faster and easier. The retail ERP point of sale software in Saudi Arabia is used by many businesses organizations. 

There are so many advantages of using retail enterprise resource planning software provide compatibility with peripheral devices and ease to get paid, catch your valuable customers, flawless workflow, stock management, real time reporting.

Retail POS with integrated ERP System is a cost effective and efficient system that ensured execution processes for better customer services.

The retail ERP system is a combination of independent sub modules and each one can work itself as well. So the organization can customize the retail system in accordance with their domain size and requirements. Some sub modules of retail ERP software are

  1. The point of sale (POS) & Store Solutions
  2. Merchandizing Management System
  3. Business intelligence Management System
  4. Vendor Relationships Management System
  5. Audits & Operation Management System
  6. Customer Relationship Management System
  7. Inventory Management System
  8. Cross Commerce Management System
  9. Supply & Chain Management System
  10. Warehouse Management System
  11. Planning & Assortment Management System

Companies must pay deep attention to their objectives and develop strategic plans to meet business goals.

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Healthcare ERP Software Solutions

The modern era of technology revolutionized every field of life as we know that. The SolutionDot Healthcare ERP Software transforms the administrative and clinical operation of healthcare organizations of all sizes from small to large sized ones.

Healthcare ERP point of sale in Saudi Arabia provides facilities of management like patient appointment, record of the patient, fee management, online patient appointment, Doctors management, medicines management, invoice system, Doctor’s services & report system, Lab test management etc.

Key features of Healthcare ERP point of sale (POS) is it improve visibility& transparency, generate accurate reports, improve customer service, improve quality control improve management, provide user support, Single DBMS (Data Base Management System) and ease  to access system from anywhere.

Click here and Take a Free Test Drive of Healthcare ERP Software by SolutionDot.

Finance ERP Software Solutions

Finance ERP point of sale software in Saudi Arabia is complete solution for organizations developed by SolutionDot. Organizations use software to manage administration, sales and other business operations.

The software provides real time reporting, business analytic, automation, integration, superior compliance, audit ability, plus unlimited flexibility & scale to progress with your business.

Key features of the finance ERP software include are transparency of payments & receivables, keep track of liabilities, balancing of bank accounts, coordinate income statement, expense statement, balance statement sheets, keep records up to date & accurate audit trail and minimize paperwork.