Pros and Cons of e-learning in Today’s Industry


E-learning or electronic learning becomes a modest way of learning with the improved technology. This way of learning has completely transformed the education to empower the learning for better learning outcomes. The e-learning solutions are available to facilitate the students with virtual presence and removing the geographical gap.

E-learning has become a rapidly growing industry that offers the learning with the help of videos, word documents, slides and PDF documents. Electronic learning is not the self-study procedure but also facilitates the user to directly contact with the tutors through chat or email correspondence and improve the skills as well as concepts accordingly.

In the start of e-learning, it was only used by the large organizations to train their employees for the enhancement of their experience and skills by providing the wide range of knowledge related to their industries.

Now with the passage of time as well as improvement in the technology the concept of e-learning is understood or applied by the different institutes for the ease of their students. This procedure has expanded the knowledge with the sharing of reliable information, handouts and video lectures at the global level. If a student is unable to understand lecture during the class they could get detail information or lecture online with a virtual presence.

Pros and Cons of e-learning

Whether you are a professional trainer of some organization or the teacher of some high school you are always trying to explore the modest and interactive ways of educating, here e-learning is considered as a modest way for you. Electronic learning has its own pros and cons some are enlisted below:

Learning without boundaries or restrictions:

Electronic learning has removed the restrictions of the boundaries, now it is not necessary to learn with the physical presence in some specific institute or location at some specific time.

Learning without boundaries have improved the presence of learners, they are not restricted that’s the reason they got more chances to learn with their ease. Some people study along with their job but couldn’t attend the physical classes and e-learning system could be considered as a great chance of learning and polishing their skills.

Interactive and full of fun:

Electronic learning has made the education system more interactive way of learning that is full of fun and amazing activities. Now you are not only learning by reading the books but allowing yourself to polish your own skills because you are going to learn about the usage of different multimedia tools. This interactive way is helpful to enhance the student’s engagement with the course material.

Cost effective method of learning:

During the study of school, college and universities students need to buy different handbooks, notes, and assignments but in the e-learning system, everything available on the internet and you just need to get access via user ID of a password assigned to the university or school. E-learning is allowing the students as well as the teachers to directly access or maintain the complete records automatically.

In a multinational organization, e-learning is a helpful thing to expand their business details as well as trained their employees at the global level. It has removed the distance and they could educate all of their employees equally with a virtual presence.

There is no doubt that e-learning is a beneficent system according to the today’s requirements but it also has some concerns that couldn’t be denied.

Segregation of the students:

During the physical lectures, the student gets an interaction with their other class fellow and could get help or share the ideas with others but e-learning could be considered as a solo learning procedure. In this procedure, students get the facility of learning with the flexibility of the time and place. To the effects of such isolation or segregation tutor may arrange some kind of video conference and team discussion boards.

Health related issues:

E-learning could only be possible with the help of electronic devices that cause different health related issues such as eyestrain, headache, and backbone ache etc. Such issue could be resolved with the help of proper training or guideline related to the usage of electronic devices.

To Conclude

There is no doubt that e-learning has improved the procedure of educating people and it could be beneficent enough for the increasing the literacy ratio. Yes, there is some concern with e-learning but they could be easily overcome with the help of proper guideline and assistance.