Educational ERP Software: Pros and Cons of this Implementation

Educational ERP Softwar Pros and Cons of this Implementations

Today we’re living in the era of computer, where technology is rapidly evolving and changing the way of living by raising standards. Education is a most important development factor for a human being. Technology involvement in this factor is an essential part to prepare your child for the future. We can find a lot of online courses, smart classrooms other technical support to simplify the management of educational institutes. Educational ERP software integration has revolutionized the entire management procedure as well as operations of the institute. Tasks will be more transparent to manage. This is not an assumption or a new concept but the most important tool that bring an ease in all management procedures. Technological developments have increased the demand for computing therefore, ERP solutions are getting more popular in different industries i.e. education.


Pros of Educational ERP Software

An ERP software is offering a lot in the education industry, some of the major benefits are enlisted below:

Cost Effective

One of the most prominent benefits of ERP is the cost-effectiveness. ERP support in reducing the burden of your finance. Let’s suppose you’re performing all managerial and administrative tasks manually. You also need a lot of manpower to handle different tasks like admission process, fee collection etc. Educational ERP implementation enables online access to all management information. This online access secure an amount to investment that could be used for different purposes.

Organized Data

Organization of data is one of the most important elements of an educational system. A well-organized data helps in streamlining all procedures. It supports the management in proceeding their day-to-day jobs. Right educational ERP software helps the management in keeping the institutional data managed. All information is now available at the distance of a single click.

Secured Data

Previously in traditional school management system data was maintained and stored on physical devices or shelves. In physical storage, data drives and shelves, the chances of distortion. Data can be lost or destroyed easily. ERP software is designed to store all data to web servers and in the cloud. This effort boosts the data protection. It offers complete back of all data that couldn’t be provided in case of physical storage.

Administration Automation

Administration usually performs all of its duties with huge manpower. Still, it includes a lot of flaws with not tracking system. It seems difficult to manage things, all of the efforts will be in vain. Therefore, education ERP software is implemented to eliminate the flaws in administration as well as management procedure. Let’s suppose fee collection is an administration task. It includes calculations, ERP solution enables automatic calculation through online fee submission. Furthermore, admission processes, library management are the other essential administration task. They may create a huge problem due to human errors. All could be resolved with ERP cloud software.

Speedup Management

This is a software that may help in speeding up the entire process of institutional management. You can manage and resolve all matters instantly. In manual procedures, you’ve to maintain a record in different files, and sometimes duplicate entries are also required. There is a lot of open source educational ERP software available in the market to support you in speeding up the procedure. It may set things for you like never before. You can get a completely customized solution from your vendor and perform all tasks within minutes.

Stay Focused

Parents are investing to get their children educated. Administration or school management has to perform a lot of different tasks therefore, they can’t pay 100% attention to every single student or teacher. Implementation of right software enables automatic attendance, easy mark sheet preparation and much more. Now you can directly focus on teacher’s training and invest to improve the criteria as well as teaching procedure.

Limitation/Cons of Education ERP

We should not forget that every coin has two sides. If education ERP software is managing your entire system through a single click. The restrictions and limitations should also not ignored. Some of the major cons of a software implementation are enlisted below:

  1. In the case of Education ERP software implementation failure, the investment might be doubled.
  2. ERP planning, implementation, configuration, customization etc. are the major points that need investment.
  3. Some of the ERP solutions is quite difficult to manage, use and learn according to the complexity of features. So it requires special training.

Now the time has arrived for all institutes to start smart working. They should spend time in re-organization of their features with technological involvement. Educational ERP software is rapidly evolving in the education industry like all other aspects of life.