Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Comprehensive Overview

Applicant Tracking System
Applicant tracking system(ATS) is used to simplify the process of recruitment. Implementation of ATS can simply improve the efficiency as well as the speed of hiring procedure in a variety of ways. Major supporting features for successful hiring are:
  • Helps in opening positions distribution across the job board over the internet.
  • ATS is intelligent enough to screen applicant’s resume
  • They support in interview scheduling, applicant rating and automatic sending acceptance and rejection messages.
  • Some of the systems also support in the management of entire recruitment process till onboarding.
They standardized the process of human resource hiring and speed up to the complete process. It’s exciting features enrich applicant’s experience.

What Are the Functions of Applicant Tracking System?

The significant functionality of an applicant tracking system is to monitor the applicant. It simply allows an applicant to update their resume and share essential personal as well as professional information. By centralizing the information, the software allows the employer to have a detailed review of their information.A good application tracking software helps the management in tracking their candidates through name and qualification and skills. The employer’s dashboard contains all important information related to an employee. It helps in figuring out all data at bird’s eye view.Some of the ATS modules also helps in scheduling candidate’s interview on successfully completing the screening test. They also provide a template to prepare interview notes according to candidate’s designation and available position. So, you’ll be able to compare the interviewee’s skills in a unique way.

Who Usually Use It?

Applicant Tracking SystemHiring right and the potential candidate is challenging for the headhunters especially in SMBs. Approaching right candidate that meet all business requirement and take a positive part in business growth is quite difficult. If a recruiter is using traditional hiring approach, the difficulties might be increased. Therefore, the headhunters are rapidly moving with cloud based recruitment software solution and applicant tracking software.  This adoption has improved the hiring standard up to market requirement.Applicant tracking software is a technological development for human resource department that supports the HR experts. Your organization will get a competitive candidate with benefits the business in continuous growth by facing all challenges.

Should an Organization Adopt Application Tracking Software?

Undeniably hiring is possible without having any software solution. All of the resumes could be received through email and employer can communicate the candidate via email too. They can also schedule interviews, share email message to successful and rejected candidates. Negotiation communication is also possible through email. So, all of the tasks could be performed without any specific ATS.All of these tasks are consume and waste your time that could be effectively utilized in performing other duties. Resume/application screening, candidate communication, and negotiation through the email eat up your time. You’re wasting hours in performing these tasks and making things harder for you. So, you should adopt complete recruitment management software solution for your business.  You’ll have a lot of reasons for software adoption.

Future of ATS

Applicant tracking software implementation along with all of its features give a boost to your hiring procedure. It brings an innovation to your recruitment and ensures the competitive hiring. Recruiters have started investing in these solutions to bring an easy in their duties. Cloud based HR software attract the candidates in a variety of ways and offers a user-friendly interface. Some of the employers integrate it with their existing human resource management software.It is an amazing technological innovation. You can easily search the candidates share your job posting on the internet by using effective keywords. It has modernized the recruitment in a user-friendly way, therefore, recruiters are rapidly attracting towards it.

Final Thoughts

An applicant tracking system has given a new strategy to hire the best talent for your company. Therefore, the human resource experts are understanding its importance. They’re considering it as an important tool of human resource tool. Its implementation is not only beneficial for the organization but also for the recruiter. You can include an applicant reacting module within the recruitment or HR software according to the budget. Furthermore, a separate solution could also implement.Before going towards the implementation, ensure to discuss your requirements and business need. Do discuss it with team members and evaluate the list of features. You can also take the services of consultants to make a decision more effective. RectBox is a one-stop recruitment solution available with ATS. You can share your questions and features in order to attain more information.