How G Suite Business is Beneficial for Startup and SMBs?

How G Suite Business is Beneficial for Startup and SMBs
Currently, SaaS-based products are commonly being used by different companies. But still G suite business is definitely a product, none of the business can survive without it. It is undoubtedly offering the best email solution for any business. G suite is not limited to an email feature but offers wide-range of other benefits in the form of Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs etc.

What is G Suite Business?

Google has introduced an application with the name of G Suite. It is the most recommended app used for business communication with outstanding features. Business highly recommends their partners and clients to use email and hosting services for their business. However, G Suite is not limited to email but more than that. It offers a variety of applications and features. This is a most productive solution especially for small businesses and startups with budget limitations. G Suite is available for three different type of users Basic, Business and Enterprises.

Significant Features of G Suite Business

As said earlier, G Suite is offering three different plans according to the user level. Basic plan starts at $5 per user per month. This is a most economical plan for startups. While G Suite Business plan is available in $10/user/month. It enables easy connection through Gmail, online document creation, simple access and offers complete control of your data. Let’s have a look in depth:


According to different researches, Gmail is a leading approach to business communication. This is the best get professional communication app offered by Google. Business can avail add-free version of online email for their clients. It simply let the employer, as well as employees, have their own separate email address with the business domain name. E.g. For small business free Gmail accounts are being offered initially but after hiring you have to purchase spate management.


Many of the businesses rely on Google calendar to schedule a call, meeting and set reminders for due dates. This application simply helps you in organizing all of your tasks and managing the routine schedule. In G Suite Business calendar Google is offering to create multiple calendars that are easily accessible for all within the organization. Let’s suppose you wanted to create an event or schedule meetings for a week. It is easy to create a group and share schedule through Google calendar.

Google Sheets & Google Docs

G Suite is offering online tools to create, edit and access documents in the form of spreadsheets and docs. If someone doesn’t have installed office suite in their system, Google Docs allows you to create files online. These files are easily editable and importable. You can simply import files and also open them offline with Microsoft Word or Excel. Such collaboration has made things easier for individuals and companies. Files can be easily shared online and stored in Google Drive. There is no more need to purchase additional software for business communication and documentation. Google Docs can also be used by businesses to conduct a survey and collect customer feedback from clients.Google Docs and Sheets offered in G Suite Business enable real-time commenting. All data automatically save in your files therefore unexpected errors of data storage failure due to electricity breakage can be removed. Furthermore, its amazing feature is mistakes identification and undo the document.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an application offered by G Suite that allows the organization to store, share and access all information. In the basic plan, it offers 30GB storage space for every single employee. While the business plan offers unlimited storage so, there is no limitation of space to store your information. Unlimited storage and improved accessibility and improved the productivity of businesses. If you’re a small company with less than 5 employees, Google will allow you only 1TB storage space per user.In Google Drive, you can store data in the form of files and folders. The amazing feature is its search functionality it means you if you’ve forgotten about the specific folder or file. There is even no need remember file name because its search bar lets you find the required file on content base. You can search through the content or topic available in the file. So, if you’re disorganized, still Google Drive offered by G Suite Business is the best option for you.

G Suite Admin Control

Admin control feature of G Suite let the business owner manage all at single place. You are allowed to add users, create and manage groups, customize business domain and much more.  Google is offering 24/7 support for its clients through email, online platform and phone.G Suite business overcoming the productivity and communicational challenges for a business. It helps businesses in continued success with effective management.