How to hire iOS Developer

ios developer

Can you build a full team of skilled iOS developers in one month and on an inexpensive budget? most of the people can’t. There are major shortages of skilled IT workers, with large companies actively competing for any more-or-less talented developer. In fact, most of these programmers never even hit the work market, being hired straight out of the school. So, if you're a little business, getting your own skilled development team is practically impossible.

Skills Every iOS Developer must Have

Apple wishes for iOS development to stay a consistent affair with standardized languages, APIs, frameworks, and architecture. That’s why the whole iOS development paradigm is predicated around Swift — a proprietary programing language made by Apple.

  1. Swift development paradigms are considerably a thing of itself. Which is why an honest iOS developer must have experience with several things:
  2. Swift, Objective C (for supporting older software)
  3. OOP, SOLID principles.

You should hire an iOS developer once you have a transparent understanding of what you would like and have decided that it should be for the Apple mobile market. does one know much about your target market - do any of them use Android?

iOS developer roles and responsibilities

Many fail to know the complete scope of responsibilities that lay on the shoulders of iOS developers. In fact, the borders of iOS developer responsibilities transcend writing code. They participate at every stage of app development from planning and style aspects (wireframing screens, building UI) to testing and publishing the ready-made app to the App Store.

Design awareness is what you ought to pay due to attention to while trying to find iOS developer candidate. the purpose is, they look after the design isn't something that only mobile designers liable for since developers also are responsible for transferring good experience to final users.

When picking a platform to create an app for you've got only two options: iOS or Android. These two take up almost the whole mobile OS market share and 86% of it belongs to Android. Why does one even get to hire iPhone app developer and build an app then? The thing is, the remaining 14% still represents an incredible army of users which developers and businesses simply cannot ignore. aside from that, iOS generates more in profit despite a smaller market share.

Apple's App Store has quite 2.2 billion apps. Consumers spend the maximum amount as 80% more on iOS apps compared to Android ones. Such a bent led to $38.5 billion in revenue, $26.5 billion of which was paid off to iOS developers for 2017.

However, iOS is loved by developers from everywhere the planet not just for financial reasons. There are not any fragmentation problems because the lineup of Apple devices is comparatively small and every one of them have a unified UI.