How to hire PHP Developer

Driving an internet development company or running a standalone application, you'd always need someone to urge your projects done. during a world where there thrive multiple programming languages, choosing either of them may be a tough task and tougher is hiring someone who can proficiently render solutions of web development.

Taking into consideration the statistics of the programing language employed by websites, it appears that around 79.8% web run on PHP based applications. So, of 10 websites that you simply encounter every day, 8 are PHP driven. Call it the pliability of the language or the convenience to use interface, PHP is one such language proven to deploy strong web applications. However, the language alone can't be credited for creating dynamic websites. The curious minds that aid the event of PHP based applications are those liable for turning its fate. But how does one hire someone who is capable of developing feature-rich applications?

Who may be a PHP DEVELOPER?

In simple terms, a PHP developer may be a web developer who writes, tests and maintains code for sites, programs and applications using the dynamic scripting language PHP. 

Who may be a good php developer?

A good PHP developer goes beyond writing, testing and maintaining code for sites and works on projects of varying levels of complexity. this needs an honest amount of analytical and problem-solving skills. 

He/She usually has hands-on knowledge of most PHP frameworks like Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, Zend, Symfony, Kohana, CakePHP, Joomla, etc.

Here is that the basic checklist of skills that each good PHP developer must possess –

  1. Knowledge of PHP programming language;
  2. Working with SQL / MySQL databases;
  3. Knowledge of HTML and CSS;
  4. Good understanding of JavaScript;
  5. Knowledge of control systems (SVN / Git);
  6. Experience with frameworks like Laravel, Symphony, YII2;
  7. Hands-on with CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress;
  8. Knowledge of OOP (object-oriented programming).


This primarily is that the sort of programmer you favour to figure with. supported the proficiency level, one can segregate programmers into three kinds.

  1. Beginners: Developers currently thrive within the growing phase and yet to render effective applications.
  2. Mid-Level: These are those that have had industrial exposure. Such companies have developed few projects within the past and may deliver effective solutions.
  3. Experienced: those that excel in PHP development, experienced programmers excel in developing PHP solutions that add value to your business. they will encapsulate ideas to blend them into real-life features. From designing to developing, integrating and maintaining, they're one step before all.

Where does one find a good PHP developer?

There are several places where you'll find a PHP developer on hire. However, choosing the simplest is crucial for your business success.

To select the simplest source of hiring, you want to ask yourself the subsequent 5 questions - 

  1. How quickly you would like to rent a developer?
  2. what percentage of developers you would like to bring on-board?
  3. What level of experience does one expect?
  4. Are you hospitable remote workers?
  5. What your budget constraints?

If you’re well before your timeline, you'll invest time find an honest developer on websites like Stack Overflow and GitHub. These websites see tons of traffic from developers that come to share knowledge, resources and network with like-minded individuals. This also makes these websites an ideal pool for hiring technically sound resources.