How to Move into the Era of Cloud Asset Management?

Fixed assets are the resources of an organization purchased for long-term use. These resources are used in the production on income, includes land, buildings, equipment, devices, and vehicles etc. Management of these fixed assets is challenging for any business. If you’re managing manually, the complexities will be automatically increased. The ratio of human error increases and lead to unexpected gaps in reporting that may affect the bottom line.Technological advancements are essential requirements of today’s era to understand accounting tactic. If you want to keep all business operations running smoothly cloud asset management system should be integrated with all its exclusive features.Here are the significant practices of best asset management account to updated needs.


Fixed assets include physical inventory that could be shared and used by multiple people. Implementing barcode labels make it easier to find and identify them. Fixed assets are considered the greatest expense of an organization. Let’s consider an example, computer and other devices are the physical asset of an organization and used by multiple people. They’re not barcode protected, it will be difficult to find the physical location. Barcode labels and scanner ensures the easy accessibility of these tools.Cloud asset management software is designed to track such resources along with inventory. Real-time data can be easily shared and update complete workflow. A barcode helps in knowing the current status of devices within the organization. In order to keep all assets well-organized use automatic tracking with the right software solution instead of manual monitoring.

Don’t Loan Fixed Assets

Fixed asset need heavy investment and similarly cost you higher in case of any loss. These assets are for organizational use. Let’s suppose your employees took fixed asset with them without submitting information to any centralized system. Those assets could be damaged and lost without any prior acknowledgment. Cloud based asset management system enable alerts for check-in and check-out of assets maintenance and management.

Regular Audit

It is necessary to conduct a regular audit in a streamlined way to ensure the business is in regulatory compliance. It is necessary to ensure that all financial statements are available in accurate order. There are several challenging audit procedures are available for fixed asset management system, it includes:
  • Balance Accuracy
  • Improved Transaction Validation
  • Evaluation Test
  • Clarification Test
There are a lot of other asset auditing tasks that consume potential time. An asset management software helps in evaluating fixed assets for your organization. Otherwise, you’ll have to face penalties.

Ghost Assets Elimination

Ghost assets is a great issue that could be encountered by the organization. They are also fixed assets that are no more usable for organization i.e. obsolete software, damaged computer but still the company’s asset. Sometimes these ghost assets are not visible to the organization and they don’t realize how costly these assets are. These assets may lead to higher property taxes, inaccurate assessments, and property taxes that may harm the company’s value. They lead to the loss of tax savings and need to overcome to avoid failure.Cloud asset management software helps the business in knowing about ghost assets within time. Furthermore, you have to maintain the record for right time acknowledgment and things will be easier to handle.

Warranty Monitoring

Resources of the organization lose its value over time after the usage for the specific time period. They need maintenance and repairing to work appropriately. If any device is losing its warranty it may lower downs its cost and value. Therefore, it is crucially important to keep tracking of the warranties. Within warranty, the maintenance is easier and responsibility of the company. Almost 50% of the fixed assets of an organization completely fail to maintain the performance and monitor warranties.As said earlier, the fixed asset is a huge expense of an organization. Therefore, cloud based asset management software is specially designed to manage such expenses by alerting the employees and business. It enables the company to receive maximum ROI for its assets and keep its customers happy.Fixed assets are the largest investment for an organization (building, equipment, and software etc.) and counted in essential business needs. Therefore, they need maximum attention to maintain the quality and efficiency. Integration of right cloud asset management software helps in maintaining the workflow and scale your business. Assets will grow with the growth of an organization so, you should have the right tool in your hand for effective management.