Top Software Testing and Quality Assurance Trends Need to be Followed

Top Software Testing and Quality Assurance Trends Need to be Followed
 Before launch, a product needs to pass through different testing processes by the developer and other quality assurance service providers. Software testing process is an important part of the development industry that is done by unrecognized experts. These experts have to study product requirements, perform numerous checks and describe all problem in detail. They’re responsible to manage software testing and quality assurance maintenance.In the software development cycle, we usually encounter various participants to ensure high-quality products. Software development or information technology industry is subject to constant changes, therefore, every participant needs to acquire a new skill to stay professionally up-to-date. This is why we encounter different trends. Let’s discuss few technical trends of software testing in the world of successful development. We’ll ensure to consider some important testing processes that worth your attention.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Trends to Watch

DevOps Growth

DevOps is not new but recently its appearance in the information technology industry rapidly evolving. It has earned a huge amount of support from various businesses. This is basically a set of practices that secures a lot of time during the development processes. According to different surveys in 2017, almost 84% of enterprises have successfully adopted DevOps. So, we can estimate that most of the organizations will start implementing the practices. More are and more participants are expected to support continues integration and automated software testing.

Big Data

Like DevOps, Big data is also not new in the industry. But amazingly, the quality assurance experts just have little bit knowledge about the industry. It is a big surprise because most of their processes are directly associated with data. So, it is important to understand what actually big data is and how it is different from data? There are different definitions of big data and all are linked to a fact that it is associated with processing and volume. Earlier, software testing engineers used to deal with MBs and GBs but now they have to encounter with TBs and PBs.The association of big data is with four “Vs” that are:
  1. Volume
  2. Velocity
  3. Veracity
  4. Variety
The major problem with big data in most of the cases is its poor structure. Most of the data is usually derived from social media networks in the form of calls, messages, search queries and other information collection process. Therefore, software testing processes for the huge volume of data needs to check functionally and non-functionally. Here functional testing includes the analysis of data quality for further processing. While the non-functional type of testing includes volumetric and load testing. However, the testing type you should be well aware with a complete system and with the capability of product research.

Manual & Automated Testing

Automation is undoubtedly today’s most recommended approach but still, manual testing is dominant. Software testing service providers are still preferring manual processes to complete their cycles. Software testing in for complex environment can be quite difficult to manage and calculate. Therefore, the strategies are built by combining both manual and automated testing environment. So, it can be predicted that these two software testing approaches are going to flourish in the coming years.In automation variety of machine learning and artificial practices, are included enhancing the productivity of software testing and quality assurance team to the main quality of products. So, implementing these approaches within the strategy will outcome in the form of intelligent testing with automation tools for test data, crafting test cases, and reusing scenarios. It also helps in developing testing scenarios, predicting behavior in advance etc. They also offer better analytics to diagnose errors through a variety of sources.Automation is an essential part of today’s testing that has centralized all important information. It supports testing APIs and services. It has equipped the testers to increase the usage of automation API testing instead of the user interface. They are equipped with user-friendly tools to ensure on-time product delivery. It is nowadays considered as a primary testing approach to minimize layout testing time.

Mobile Platform Testing Automation

As stated earlier, currently automation testing process usage is relatively low. Therefore, mobile automation is also lower. The main reason is a shortage of required tools, devices and methodologies. However, it is in the growing stage and gradually shifting from desktop applications to the web and then mobile. Growing application development strategies are offering excellent opportunities for different purposes.

To Conclude

Technological evaluations in software testing and quality assurance are warmly welcomed by QA engineers. If a company is not considering this advancement and encouraging the testing tools implementation, it could be challenging to develop quality products for the entire development team.