Top 5 e-commerce website design mistakes to avoid


Designing e-commerce websites have become a trend in the business world because organizations know that now buyers are preferring online shopping. Buyer is now more informative and active, they also have more options, therefore, everything needs to be well-planned. The user now becomes intelligent and also have different options, therefore, the e-commerce website service provider, as well as the business person, should be more careful and creative now. There is a strong need to learn from the other’s mistakes instead of you own. Here top 5 mistakes are discussed in brief that should be avoided by the service provider as well as the business to improve their services. Your buyers or the audience are not giving you chance for failure or the mistake and this thing is going to kill your sales.

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Top 5 e-commerce website design mistakes to avoid

There is no doubt that designing an e-commerce website is a challenging thing but the real challenge is to make them useful as well as attractive for the users. The design mistakes of e-commerce websites will confuse the audience and lead them to find other options.

Lack of detail product information:

You are designing an e-commerce website and avoiding the detail product information this thing will annoy the user.

Let's take an example if you are selling some kind of vehicle and user is interested in buying it online via your e-commerce website. The buyer wants to know about the product in detail including the information related to all parts and specification. If they are unable to find the required information they will surely prefer to search everywhere for the detail information. Make it possible to provide as much as information you can provide along with technical information in descriptive words that leaves a great impact to the user.

The confusing process of checking out:

Your e-commerce website should be user-friendly along with the simple and smooth process. It should be an easy and simple process for the user to select and but the product along with its complete payment information as well as order completion. If you are adding some complicated process by increasing the steps between selecting, paying and finalizing they will move on to some other website or the service provider.

Unable to order as a guest:

If you are specifying the user to create an account on your website you are lacking their interest in your services. In the e-commerce website design, you should give an option to the client or the buyer to choose whether they are interested in having an account or want to place an order without having an account. This design is efficient in the creation of lifetime customers for your business with complete customer satisfaction otherwise, you can’t force them or might loose them.

Lack of payment options:

In the e-commerce website design, the user should be allowed to pay with different payment methods like Master Card, Visa Card, Paypal Account and cash on delivery. Some websites allow the payment only via Paypal account but what about the buyer who doesn’t have any Paypal account. The buyer should be able to choose according to their own choice and the services provider should give them as much as options they may provide. You are providing more payment options for the facility of the user that means you are taking care of their needs to improve your customer services. This approach will be effective for improving your sales along with the customer satisfaction level.

Hiding the visibility of shipping charges:

In the e-commerce website design, if the business wants to increase the customer satisfaction level and boost your sales with customer’s trust. The complete process of shopping including the accurate shipping charges should be visible and clear. There should be no hidden charges because such charges will be harmful to the buyer’s trust. While designing an e-commerce website the service provider as well as the business should keep their focus in providing the clear and visible information to the buyer and avoid the confusion in payment procedure.