Top 5 Reasons Behind Increased Bounce Rate

Increased Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate of a website

Bounce Rate of a website means the visitors are unable to find relevant material and leaving the website from landing page without searching or exploring it more. Business always wants to engage the visitors by making the things more interested and relevant for them.

In the case of online business or online presence, it is necessarily important to engage the visitors by providing them more relevant information. If your business is unable to engage the visitors or the bounce rates are increasing, the search engine will also notify it.

Increased bounce rates will automatically hit the sales of business because you’re unable to engage the visitor, therefore, they’ll remain your visitors instead of customers.

Reason behind Increased bounce rates

There are several reasons behind the high bounce rate for your website, we’ll mention top 5 of them for clear understanding.

Quality of Content

The quality of content is a foremost thing that could be a reason behind high bounce rate of your website. We’re not saying your content is poor or useless but there could be different reasons like:

  • Your content is specified to your organization instead of user requirement
  • You’ve used wrong keywords in your content
  • Your content is not user-friendly and they need to enforce efforts in understanding
  • Your content is not encouraging the visitors to explore

In all above cases, the visitors will be uncomfortable with your website and consider it a time wasting thing to spend time in understanding or exploring.

This is not a thing that needs special efforts to get fixed but needs your attention. Keep your content by keeping in view user relevancy and comfort.

Keep the flow of your content simple for user’s understanding, keep complete keyword research to improve your content relevancy. The quality of content shouldn’t be overlooked because it is an important requirement of good SEO that helps in reducing the bounce rates.

Landing speed of page or website

If your website contain quality content with visitor’s relevant information but its loading speed is slow, it leaves a negative impression to the visitor. If you’re interested in facilitating the visitor and provide more options for engagement with your website you must value the speed of your website or landing pages.

The visitor is not sure whether they’re going to have relevant information or not until your website loads completely.

If a website or landing page takes more time in loading the visitor will leave it and start looking for the other options provided by the search engine. Therefore it is necessary to check and improve the speed of your website.

Technical errors

If your website or landing page is getting high bounce rate there is a need to check how much time visitor is spending over there. If the visitor is spending few seconds it shows that the website or webpage is having some technical error.

Due to that specific technical reason or technical error visitors are unable to visit your website or web page. If they are facing a technical error, they’ll definitely leave your website and start approaching another resource.

It is important to be careful regarding the technical errors of your website to improve the user experience. If your website is continuously showing technical errors, it will be drop off from the search engine’s ranking.

Poor Backlinks

Sometimes poor backlinks are the main reason behind high bounce rates. You’re doing great from your end, the website has low bounce rates but at the other end, the traffic or visitors diverting from the referral websites are the reason behind the high bounce rates. High bounce rate via poor backlinks is considered because:

  • They’re forwarding irrelevant traffic
  • They haven’t inserted the correct link or anchor tag
  • They content is misleading the audience

All of this reason could increase the bounce rates of your website, therefore, it is important to go through the backlink criteria according to SEO techniques