Top 6 Digital Marketing Trend 2019


The importance of social and digital marketing trend couldn’t be denied because this industry is growing day by day. The rise of digital marketing has introduced new channels to hit the potential audience.

Nowadays every marketer in looking for the opportunities as well as new ways to connect the business outcomes with social media marketing efforts. Now we are keen interested in knowing about the digital marketing trend 2019.

Digital marketing trend 2019

Video Marketing trend 2019:

According to the complete research as well as the predictions of the experts in 2019 video marketing with will be an important trend. Video marketing means that the video customer services for the communication through different channels like social media and phone call etc. The video could be considered as an essential and powerful tool to make the communication with the client more easy and comfortable with the assurance of their understanding. In 2019, different business will adopt the video marketing to increase the efficiency of customer services. Video marketing is cheap and effective that provide efficient results with the help of powerful technology. In the marketing trend 2019, video marketing is no doubt the accurate the way to access the sophisticated and potential clients. The rise of video marketing will be helpful in branding the business with the help of rich content and storytelling.

Data Visualization will expand:

Marketer always needs to have quantitative as well as qualitative information to know the real market values of the product like “who, when and why buy the product and most important what kind of results they were expecting and what they actually got”. In marketing trend 2019, there are different tools for data visualization would be the priority of business to gather the facts and data analysis.

Real-time Social:

Yes, Social media has an important part of digital marketing but with the launch of “Facebook live” in 2016 there is a strong need to be real-time social in 2019. According to the statics of Facebook users are 3 times more interested in watching the live videos than the others, so live streaming is going to be the marketing trend 2019. Marketers are required to be more excited with the usage of this live video marketing trend.

Instant messaging or chatbots:

In the early days of internet technology, chatbots were for the entertainment of the teenagers and Microsoft Clippy. Now in marketing trend 2019, chatbots will complete a reappearance especially with the launch of Google Allo a significant instant messaging platform is given to the marketers. Google Allo is not an only chat box but there are many other reliable options for the marketers as well as the clients.

Content marketing trend 2019:

The trends of content marketing are going to be more challenging in 2019. Business will need to be more innovative or creative with their content especially visual content will be more important for the business branding. Normally search engine get the better reading as well analyzing the images for the determination of the website.

Marketers are not going to trust the third-party:

In 2019 the marketers are not going to trust the third-party concern for the performance evaluation as well as improvement of their business. They’ll demand the direct access towards the statistics with the help of independent data provider. They will get the complete access of digital marketing tools starts from the content to the social media marketing campaign.

To Conclude:

In 2019, marketers are going to demand more visibility of the insights and the results of marketing campaigns from the publishers. Be ready because 2019 is also going to re-evaluate the different qualitative metrics and analytics.