Top 8 Web Design Trends for Latest


web Design treands Now there is a need to focus on coming year and its trends of designing as well as programming. It is quite difficult to know about the exact trends but with the help of the trends of previous year and help of the professional designer team of SolutionDots we are here to share their professional vision with you. This vision will help you to know the surprising trends of latest. Top 8 web design trends for latest are explained below;

Top 8 Web Design Trends for Latest

1- Collaboration of designer and developers

The designers are responsible for developing the face of the organization with different innovative and amazing designs. This a thing that is focusing on the organizations and they are giving attention to the collaboration of designers with the developers and other colleagues. The strong collaboration will result in the in the form of more relative and innovative designs. The collaboration with others will allow them to better understand their new trends as well as the requirements of the development. Their attention and focus will result in the form of new dynamic ideas.

2- Use of GIF to draw an attention

If you know the right way of using GIF image it means you know the sophisticated way to attract people towards your website and product. This is an efficient way to develop more understanding and attraction of people. Along with the use of GIF images, you may also create 3D effects to fascinate the visitors and make them more interested in knowing about you.

3- Customization of Google Maps

The trend of adding Google Maps for your location is old but it needs to be more attractive, cool and fascinating now. There is a time to customize the old maps to the new ones. The user may be get bored from same Google Maps so the new web designing trend is to focus on their personalization and customization according to your own style.

4- Use of frameworks

Different frameworks are being used by the designers to improve their designing skills. Now in 2018 the designers are focusing on the frameworks and pre-made themes and in latest this initiative is going to be a new trend of web designing. The frameworks have cut down the time of designing and development and also helping in providing the innovative, aligned web designs.

5- Use of full Videos

Using the full-screen videos for your home page is also a trend on latest, this videos are supportive in easy understanding the details of the product. the background videos of the homepage are effective in understanding as a story behind the product.

6- Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions are actually the small on-screen animations and transitions that play an important role in today’s UX & UI design. These Micro-interactions allows the user or visitor to understand the current happenings in a better way. The designers use it more efficiently to make it more functional for the visitors, these Micro-interactions inform and engage people at the same time.

7- Typography

The internet has a wide range of different web families. In latest they are predicted to be more stylish. Typography adds the colors, effects, illustration and leaves an extraordinary experience to the user.

8- Navigation

Navigation menus are now more helpful and efficient enough to improve the visitor’s experience and play an important role in UX & UI designing. New stylish, creative and functional navigations enhance the usability of the web design.

To Conclude

You should get ready for the new changes and innovations in the world of web designing because you are going to love them all. You are going to have innovative, professional, creative and inspirational web designing solutions in latest.

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