What’s New in SAP HANA 2.0?

You all could be aware of the newest release of SAP HANA 2.0 and i.e. SPS 04. As per SAP’s new [since HANA 2.0] SPS release strategy described in blog, they're going to be releasing just one SPS per annum within the month of April.

Advanced Analytical Processing Enhancements


An example, you'll now call up multiple records during a single call by using the new ‘batch mode’ for search rules, also as find information faster with enhanced filtering. What’s more, the difficulty of locating duplicates is essentially resolved with the improved configuration of search rules.

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Text Analytics

Text analytics has also undergone an upgrade; you'll now manage your own domain-specific custom dictionaries and rules within the online IDE for SAP HANA. You’ll also embed natural-language processing into user products with the addition of a replacement native SQL interface. Finally, existing applications that utilize text analysis are often better leveraged to all or any languages through the utilization of spaces between words

Graph Data Processing

For graph processing, SAP HANA now supports Cypher allowing the utilization of existing Cypher command language skills and better pattern matching.

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

The remake has two major benefits for predictive analytics, now you can:

  1. Deploy improved predictive applications that utilize more pre-packaged algorithms.
  2. Run-scoring functions faster, because of multiprocessing for large-scale and partitioned data.

SAP HANA System Replication

  1. With this release, Multi target system replication started supporting A/A read enabled system replication.
  2. Automatic re-register of secondary site which is beneficial if your primary host in data center fails then your secondary system will become primary and rest system in replication become secondary.
  3. Invisible takeover which can perform takeover to secondary database keeping sessions on hold until takeover happens and database starts accepting requests.

Fast restart option 

While starting the HANA database, it loads all data of row store and required data of column store from persistent storage to RAM i.e. memory. This may keep single copy of knowledge in TMPFS which is operated in DRAM..

Application Development and Tools Enhancements

Last but by no means least, there are a couple of important changes to HANA’s application development, tools, languages and APIs

Application Server

  1. Minimize TCO with Bring Your Own Language and Runtimes by running these applications within the XS advanced framework.
  2. Construct native applications in multi-tenant or MDC landscapes without constraints.
  3. Minimize effort of supporting JAVA-based applications with enhanced JAVA/JavaScript run-time support and trace features

Tools, Languages, and APIs

  1. Test and develop MDX-based queries and statements against SAP HANA views.
  2. Speed up application development with improved modeling for data types (such as spatial, text, and graph), calculation views, and core data services.
  3. Boost productivity with enhanced software error troubleshooting and extended impact and lineage analysis

OS Compatibility

As we all aware of OS support of HANA, it supports SUSE and RHEL OS only.

SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 04 requires SUSE 12.3 or higher and RHEL 7.4/7.6 or higher [RHEL 7.5 isn't supported].