The 6 Points to be Keep in Mind While Designing Mobile Applications

6 Points for Creative Designing Mobile Application


From the past few year mobile industries has been flourished rapidly. Mobile has become a necessity for everyone irrespective of person status. Mobile application designing companies are building lots of applications every day. A mobile application includes games, social apps and mobile version of different personal business sites. Due to the rapid advancement in mobile designs and their layouts like iPhone, smart phone, tablets and iPads. These variations in sizes and layouts has given new challenges to developers as well as mobile application designers to design applications that are adaptable to smart phone and other smart device’s screen resolution.

Due to the immense popularity of having personal cell phones, everybody got connected to the world through his/her cell phone. In this scenario we can say the smart phones are easier way to connect with social media. Intelligent owners of most originations’ are switching to have a mobile site on their business website in order to make their survival no vanishing. For these new technological advancements they need user friendly mobile apps’ designs. So designers have to work hard. Designing itself is a challenging work for designers to come up with something unique and special.

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In this article I will discuss some points that mobile application designing companies should keep in mind while designing mobile apps:

1.   Planned before you start

Planning or brainstorming is the initial step for the mobile application designing. Usually things got failed if we do not plan regarding work. So the first step would be cleared and calmly planning of your work before starting. You should plan about your goals and products required by clients. There shouldn’t be any kind of ambiguity in requirements. Planned about your targeted designed required by your clients.

2.   Which platform to be designed for?

The platform is the most important and primary thing to be considered while designing a mobile applications IOS & Android are two most preferred platforms. It’s beneficial to know that which platform will be supported by your designed applications. These things will help you to design with more accuracy by adding new features to platform the most popular platforms are:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows mobile
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian

3.   Which screen resolution would be targeted?

It is the most critical decision that needs to be taken. The Screen resolution varies from device to device. So it’s an important decision to be considered while designing the Layouts of mobile applications.  You have to make sure that applications should look eye-catching on your targeted screen resolution. For your ease Google has provided statistics regarding different device’s screen sizes and density. It has also provided information in pixels count for various devices about their support on multiple screen sizes. Make sure about your designed application will look cool on your goal screen’s resolution.

4.   Do Not Use Templates until required?

Mobile application designing companies shouldn’t support you to use templates only when you required. Because templates have their own features and functions that wouldn’t match with your designing requirements completely. However, templates usage helps you to save time and budget both. Some programs like Adobe Dreamweaver and Top Styles 5 uses template efficiently.

5.   Don’t use text in icons

While designing mobile applications do not use text in the icons. This is considered as a mistake. Google play and Apple application’s designers use text next to the icons. This ultimately helps full for developers while developing mobile applications. You should concentrate on smooth and well defined design flow of icons and their flawless transitions.

6.   Do Show Information when programs are loading

Do show confirmation and users’ guidelines messages, which systems will show to the end users while loading programs. When system does not show any messages to the users they think that application has been stopped working. Such points are unbearable for some users. The risk is that they might reload page or maybe uninstall application permanently. This cam also degrades your reviews as well as your search rank.


In the beginning of mobile application designing services the most significant task is to strongly think about the end product. To provide 100% customer’s satisfaction level client’s corporations is firmly required. Nothing is worse than working in yours on a world without others interruption. It’s not about your liking to applications. It’s about liking and satisfaction with your work with your clients. This is the only key to success. Happy customers are a source of your most worthy marketing and popularity.

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