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A Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP is (Enterprise Resource Planning) a software that is presented on a platform over the Internet. we deliver quality range of Cloud based ERP Software Dubai.

Cloud ERP is a tactic of enterprise resource planning (ERP) that make use of cloud computing platforms and services by making your business process more flexible and easier business transactions

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SolutionDot Cloud ERP System's core areas include empowering your people, ease to control business and adding new strengths to your organization. It adds more growth in your profit graph and provides ease for your employees to work from anywhere, anytime through any device.

Cloud Computing_A new software philosophy

Cloud Computing is a way to access software and hardware and other resources through the internet provided on demand, in order to accomplish work and other business task.

Cloud computing, or cloud computing, is a new concept to understand software that is revolutionizing the way we manage the business.

Basically proposes a model of work online via the Internet, freeing the user from the hardware and paying only for the service you use. The model of cloud software offers great advantages compared to the traditional model:

1. Investment

Cloud System lower down the cost of purchasing software and their implementation. If the old software model, companies traditionally had to make a large initial investment to implement an ERP in the cloud you can now start working from initial investment.

Moreover, the implementation periods are greatly reduced by ignoring the part of the server installation, simply open your account and start working.

2. Maintenance

The cloud model proposed outsourcing of hardware and maintenance services. The server happens to be in the client's own company to be in our data centres.

With this achievement, the customer's technical problems and server updates & installation issues. While making it a much more efficient system maintenance level.

Thanks to this, our ERP in the cloud offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, while more competitive prices.

3. Cloud Service

Another great feature of the software in the cloud is that we have access to the management of our company from anywhere and anytime.

This is especially useful in companies with several offices that need access to their data simultaneously and updated in real time.

In SolutionDot bet on the cloud software because we believe it meets the real needs of companies now.

Why we can offer a complete ERP in the cloud at a competitive price in Dubai?

Why software architecture allows optimal deployment of resources in the cloud using only an application that serves all connections, can use multiple servers simultaneously. In this way we optimize resources and we reduce costs.

Why we use Linux servers, such as Google's servers, allowing us to reduce costs for licenses?

Why we use a database engine OpenSource, PostgreSQL, which also saves us license royalties?

Why we use proprietary technology? All software has been developed by us which allows us to further reduce the costs per license.

For all this, you can have an ERP of quality at a very competitive price.

A Solid Company

SolutionDot cloud ERP suite is fully equipped with new cloud innovations. Worthy 5 years’ experience can be marked by the number of valuable customers we have all over the world. You can customize the whole ERP System as per your business domain and business requirements. These customization features are remarkable on their own.

SolutionDot Services in Dubai For SMEs

SolutionDot ERP System is developed in way to manage needs of all small and medium Enterprise. In the beginning, it was considered that ERP system is only favourable for the larger domain organization. With the passage of time, new innovations are being introduced in this field. Now customization feature has made it feasible for all SMEs. SolutionDot have given an opportunity to all smaller enterprises as well to adopt and invest in ERP to make their unbeatable survival in the market.

In addition, SolutionDot offers a wide range of additional services that will allow your company to get best of ERP.

Technology Investment: Long-term Benefits

Investment in new technologies always opens unbeatable competitive level for your organization irrespective of its domain size. According to a survey, 85% of SEMs with 10 to 49 employees have implemented ERP because of its immense features. This small investment can open massive benefits for your organization.  Even the government of Dubai is promoting the organizations to switch from traditional work environment to new innovations like cloud ERP systems. These investment in ERP can bring long term benefits like efficiency in workflow without consuming time.

ERP Software Dubai

In the beginning, the business management software was so expensive to implement and this was time-consuming work. This is the main reason why SMEs find it risky to switch on new technological advancements. There are some rumours as well that make it difficult for the traditional user to take a new decision.

We offer an ERP Software Dubai cloud with which you can get started quickly. In parallel, you have at your disposal a range of services and facilities that will help you get the most out of ERP for your company.