Top Cloud Integration Myths

Cloud Integration Myths
Cloud integration is becoming today’s hot topic to discuss for business success. Cloud software development and deployment is rapidly endorsed by the businesses. There is a variety of reason behind this endorsement and trust. All of the cloud services are deniably are considered as cheaper than other on-premise dedicated solution. SMBs and startups may attain a lot of advantages that include cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, enhanced administration and centralized information.Formerly software integration and connection was an expensive procedure. It required an in-house information technology department that increases organizational budget. Cloud integration has successfully revolutionized the approach and removed the barriers efficiently. It has effectively transformed the software integration approach and business management accordingly.Cloud software has managed your business infrastructure, software and other platforms on your behalf. It is the responsibility of service provider to ensure that all of the features are streamlining your business operations. Users are not encountering complexities in management. Undeniably cloud software is solving most of the management problems. But still, there are cloud integration myths claiming by peoples.

Top Cloud Integration Myths

Some of the cloud integration myths are available that enable cloud adoption as a wise decision for your business:Cloud Integration Myths

Cloud Integration Just Accommodate Cloud Apps

Cloud technology is usually considered as a limited solution for cloud based application and infrastructure. There is an assumption that is couldn’t be integrated to any on-premise software. However, this is just an assumption because the cloud is able enough to accommodate on-premise applications too. Hybrid integration allows an organization to connect cloud technology. If a business is finding an immediate revolution difficult, they may use this technology. It is quite cost-effective and rapid to set up the changes. There are no heavy resources required for this deployment. It connects cloud and on-premise resources and creates a smooth flow of management.

Cloud Integration is Expensive

There is also a rumor that integration of cloud based software solution is quite expensive for a business. This is just a rumor because, while you’ve decided to adopt cloud technology it actually deliver Software as a service (SaaS). So, a business may take an initiative with single integration procedure. Just scale according to current business requirements and grow the business. It is easily affordable to all businesses whether they’re a startup, enterprises, and SMBs. You’re liable to pay only for the service of the feature required by the organization. No need to pay for a complete solution till it is not an essential requirement.

Custom Coding is Far Better 

One of the significant cloud integration myth is its comparison with applications development. Cloud implementation is far better than manually coded applications. The fundamental difference is actually its streamline flow and predictable cost. If a business is going to cloud software solution, then this will efficiently reduced deployment. Manually coded applications may take hours in deployment and integration. SaaS model is responsible for improved data security. There is no need to stick to the seat because SaaS empower an easy and flexible data access. At the whole cloud, integration is most considered to adopt for the reliable approach.

Business Should Own Huge IT Team

Previously software integration and management require a separate team of experts. People are considering the same approach for cloud technology. Let me tell you, those days are gone. Now there is no need to hire information technology specialist to operate the software. Cloud integration has eliminated this special requirement. It could be easily configured and managed simply form the web browser. There is no need to write code and install software for specific hardware. After installation, it could be easily accessed through web-browser. All of the data is centralized and managed competently. In case of technical problem, cloud vendor provides complete support.

Cloud Integration Rebuilt with Changed API

In the circumstance of dynamic SaaS model ecosystem, application program interface (API) are updated around 4 – 12 times during the year. This time is variated according to SaaS application maturity level. The mature application usually releases API four times within a year. They ensure complete backward compatibilities. Cloud integration has effectively overcome this major challenge. They deliver pre-built connectors along with SaaS applications. It guarantees that connectors will automatically keep the latest version of API. It habitually keeps API up-to-date.

Final Thoughts

Some of the people consider cloud as a complete solution that replaces human impact. As like other cloud integration myths, it assumed by businesses and individuals. They consider that there is no need to do anything and on successful deployment, all procedures will be handled mechanically. Make it sure that if cloud vendor is providing you an opportunity of smart working by providing an infrastructure. It is your own accountability to handle the things in your own way. It has effectively shared your workload but still, you need to handle smartly. This automation should demonstrate efficient results.There are a lot of cloud integration myths. But still, it is believed that it efficiently handle all of your business complexities. There might be some possibilities cloud results in wrong way but don’t believe the rumors blindly.