Does a good web hosting really matters for SEO?

web hosting

A web hosting is significantly important to boost or damage SEO ranking on search engine. Usually, a business owner takes it a normal or unimportant think to select some web hosting for their online presence. But the smart business owner always gives preference to the web hosting and service provider because they know it’s importance in approaching new or existing clients. If the business owner doesn't give any attention during the selection of web hosting service provider they’re not paying worth to the SEO of online presence. Quality web hosting shouldn’t be overlooked if the business owner is interested in having good search engine rank. Today we’ll share the details to make sure the importance of professional and good web hosting.

How is good web hosting important for SEO?

Good web hosting is significantly important but some things that could be seen to improve via good web hosting are mentioned below with detail.

Improved speed of online business or website:

Speed is no doubt an important factor behind the well-ranked website, your website needs to response quickly for better user experience. If it takes the time to loading images or the web pages, the user will surely think to leave it immediately by considering it a time consuming or time wasting thing. If the website is speedy and more responsive to the user it will be ranked higher in the search engine.

The 2nd reason behind the slow speed of your website is coding and configuration so if your website is slow to take the first step in checking its code and configuration. If everything is perfect from your end your second step should be immediately contacted your web hosting service provider to fix the problem. During the selection of web hosting give preference to the good speed because slow speed could decrease SEO ranking as well as harm your online business too.

Long Downtime:

Long downtime of a website could drop the SEO ranking. If your website is available for the user to a long time it means your customer is unable to access you virtually. This could harm your business as well as SEO ranking. Good web hosting service provider always takes special of such things because they know if a website is unavailable for the client for a long time search engine will never redirect the potential clients to them. It will provide relevant search to the user and give them more opportunities in choice. Long downtime will negatively affect your website traffic and online reputation too.

Website security:

It is a responsibility of the web hosting service providers to give security to your website or the online business. Hackers are always trying to approach websites with low security and update the malware. If your website is approached by hackers they could generate new pages or malware. The website having malware is always blacklisted by the search engines, therefore, it is important to select web hosting services to form the services provider having complete security and backup services. A good web hosting service provides server maintenance and website security services with complete updated security protocols.