How to find Transaction codes in SAP?

Whether you’re an SAP developer, ABAP programmer or SAP user, the SAP transaction codes can prevent tons of your time and energy, if you recognize the transaction codes. Making sense of the transaction codes are often time consuming and sophisticated. SAP AG is that the leading provider of commercial enterprise software and getting a SAP certification and knowledge as an SAP developer or user can open up lucrative career options.

What SAP Transaction Codes are

SAP transaction codes are short cuts for SAP commands that allow you to access various system tasks by using the code to inform the system of the situation of the task. SAP codes are generally either a mixture of letters or a mixture of letter and numbers like SE11, which is that the code that exposes ABAP dictionary maintenance..


One of the foremost important codes to find out is that the code that lists all of the opposite transaction codes. The transaction code SE16, utilized in the TSTC SAP table, produces an inventory of all the transaction codes..

How to Find SAP Transaction Codes

There are actually many different SAP transaction codes and quite frankly, the way they're coded seems to form little or no sense in the least. But all isn't lost. There are various ways of accessing the SAP transactions codes you employ often.

The SAP transaction codes are often accessed from the SAP menu screens. If you're trying to find the codes via the menu screen, then you'll place the cursor on a specific item within the menu folder. If you follow the menu path and choose “Extras” then select “technical details” the transaction code are going to be listed at the highest of the panel that appears on the screen.

You can also access all of the transaction codes listed within the menu folder by selecting extras then selecting settings. If you decide on the “show technical names” the panel closes and therefore the transaction code is displayed ahead of every transaction item.

Finally, you'll access an inventory of recently used transaction codes by clicking the choice List button found within the right corner of the command field. SAP will display an inventory of the foremost recent SAP codes that are used. You’ll also use these codes from the list by clicking on the transaction code then pressing enter.