How to Get More Page views with Less Bounce Rate

How to Get More Pageviews with less bounce rate

Are you worried about less page views with higher bounce rate? Do you spend most of time in efforts to get visitors for your website, those leave after 1 or 2 pages' visit.

How to stick visitors on your site? what are things that will help to give more page views?

It is in beneficial for you that a visitor visits all channels and post of your website. It increases brand recognition and trust rank of the business. Here in this article i'll share with you 10 interesting points to get more page views with lesser bounce rate!

If I told you top secret how to increase your page views double even triple viewed by visitors. Let we disclose about main points how to decrease the bounce rate and increase page views. When I start my website. There was very low traffic with high bounce rate and less page views. Today I am going to share top secrets that will be beneficial for you.


You need to implement these strategies on your website to reduce bounce rate and increase page views, please check out the Directory Sites List. If you implements these tips. Defiantly you will get awesome results within a short time period. It also helpful with users experience. Also, you need to set up Google analytics on your website so that you can get reports of your website.

Try These Tips to Get Awesome Results & increase Page views with lower Bounce Rate.

1. Interlink Your Relevant Posts

Interlinking is one of the best way to increase Page Views. When you publish your post. You need to link to relevant exiting content which also give you strong user experience. Especially when you are running a website with huge collection of interlinked articles. If you just started a website blindly with no article your website, than you need to publish more articles and implement this strategy.

2. Show Relevant Posts

When you publish articles you need to add related articles after that post. It shall give you best impact of users' behavior, they will read the next interlinked articles. If you don’t have any experience

how to show related posts? 

You can simply add YARPP WordPress Plugin which show you a

Display List of Related Posts

on your site based on a powerful unique algorithm.

3. Show Excerpts on Front Pages

There are two benefits if you Show Excerpts on Front & Archive Pages. It decreases page load time and other is helping to increase page views. You should not include the whole post on front page of the website. Compressed your images due to large image it also affect page load time. You need to add 5 image each page of your website. Most of WordPress themes have built-in option.

4. Splitting Long Post

If you have more than 2000 words in your post. You must split a post into another page. it will increase page views of your website. It is very effective techniques to maximize page views of your website. There are many websites which already using these techniques like NY Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and 25list.

5. Interactive Sidebar

Website Sidebar play important role to increase page views and decrease bounce rate. You must include relevant sidebars on your blog. Even you can show your recent post on your sidebar which attract users to read out.

6. Use of References links

When you link someone content it not just part of link building. It also give you strong impact on your users for the information. You need to add link after 200 words for the reference post. I was reading quicksprout post, Neil brief about right techniques for the increment of pages views.

7. Use of Blog Directory

You need to submit your blog in blog directory. Marketing of your blog is the best way to increase blog traffic and page view as well. There are many directories which give you offer to submit your blog but some of the best Free blog directories list which give you service to submit your blog.

8. Use of Pop-Ups Form

It is really effective techniques which decrease bounce rate of your website and also you can generate more email from this pop ups form.  Most of website use this form for the conversion optimization purpose. It also hide page load speed from visitor. You can also convert your visitor into customers.

9. Landing Page Design

Page design must be creative if you have awesome design and content definitely you can decrease bounce rate which will increase pageviews as well. Your website page must be related to the topic.

10. Page Load Speed

If you are running website with more content you need to resolve page speed errors. You need to check page speed from google page speed tool. You need to fix all red color errors. It will help to improve your page speed.


If you want to increase your website page views you need to offer best design services. You need to add all above tips on your website. So you can get more page views with less bounce rate.