How HCM Manage and Engage Workforce?

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a comprehensive software solution for engagement as well as management of your workforce. HCM is a best and valuable solution because human capital is a valued asset for any organization. Their skills, training, qualification and productivity important for organization’s growth and human capital management system will help the organization in the management of the workforce. This system will allow the effective and automatic streamlining of all processes related to human capital for the retention and attraction of top quality resources.

Human Capital Management System Manage and Engage Workforce

One Unified Platform

HCM developed by SolutionDots Systems is one unified platform that manages all human capital including their time management, attendance management, payroll management and all other tasks management that effectively assist in streamlining and enhancing employee’s productivity. It’ll engage employees and keep the management informed about their all activities and progress.

Time Management of Workforce

Human capital management automatically and accurately manages the attendance as well as working hours of organization’s employees. This management and accuracy will lead towards the increased productivity and engagement of employees with real-time insights.

Scheduler for Employee’s Tasks

An automatic scheduler is available for employees that allow the management and employees to share as well as manage their daily task list. Automatic scheduling of task list is important to analyze employee’s growth and productivity.

Leave Management

Usually, organizations allow yearly or different other leaves to their employees according to their own policies. Human capital system (HCM) will manage also automatically manages the leaves of the workforce and ensure to keep a complete record of absence according to organization’s policy.

Assistance of Human Resource Department

Human resource department of an organization is quite responsible and active but their task is quite difficult and HCM has made their life quite easy. It assists them in hiring, management and retaining of employees in the easy, automatic and supportive way.

Employee’s Compensation Management

HCM is a system comprehensive solution that automates and streamline employee’s compensation plans according to the defined policies of organization with a transparent view and remarkable speed. The compensation management module of human capital management has improved and aligned the compensation decisions.

End to End Payroll Solution

HCM has provided easy ways for the management of payroll with streamline methods including the management of taxes. This system provides time as well as cost saving payroll solutions by minimizing the risk factor. End to end payroll solutions will assist the employee as well as management to increase productivity level.

To Conclude

Human capital management (HCM) system is a comprehensive solution related to human capital management of an organization, it will assist the HR department and engage the workforce. It provides a complete control to manage the workforce, their payroll including applied taxes and their compensation plan. HCM will maintain an easy schedule for workforce daily tasks and meetings and provide you complete information according to your requirement. Integration of HCM could boost employee’s productivity and engagement within the organization and reduce compliance risks.