How to Reduce Paper Work for HR Manager

It is a kind of problem and workload that every HR manager feels where he/she has to manage a lot of employee records and documents. Here we are trying to discuss some of the points which can help HR Manager to reduce some of his paperwork.

1. Keeping employee information safe with no redundant information: This is the most important activity to do but most of the HR managers fail to perform it correctly. It is due to the habit of keeping employee documents in multiple copies with missing and current documents set. For example, HR usually makes a document set of employee documents that have multiple copies like document set for his tax details, for his salary slips, etc. & suppose a one-month salary slip goes missing in the set. In this case, we often say we have employee documents set as multiple copies but none is complete and perfect as some having few things missing while some have other; and if we combine all the sets and gets complete 1 set of documents for an employee, it directly states that rest copies contain redundant data and needs to be cleaned.
So if you are an HR and want to reduce your paperwork first thing to do is reduce redundant incomplete document sets.

2. Use of Software: Use of software that records data about employees, often reduces the paper work and helps in easy retrieval of information. It helps in keeping most of the records electronically and thus reduces paperwork. The HR software works exactly the way Logitech software works.
Caution: While selecting HR software, you should be very clear about your needs and analyze whether the software serves your document management purpose. At the time of implementing a cloud solution or ERP solution first thing you should realize if your employees are ready to accept the system and will work accordingly, otherwise, it will create a data mismatch problem in real, as well as in software scenario.
If you wish to choose a software approach to reduce your paperwork, the best suggestion is to start from standalone software which would suit your requirements and is cost-effective.

3. Using the company website: Instead of making circulars and pasting it on notice boards, and sending copies to employees or departments, use the company website to announce circulars, notices and other information meant for employees. You just have to send a message to employees to check it on the website.

4. Official E-mail Communication: Try to use email as much as you can to transmit and save information. This will also help you in keeping the records and information safe, and retrieval of information again becomes easy.

5. Scanning documents: Try to keep the frequently used and asked documents as a scanned file in your computer, which you can attach with the email or transmit via any other medium & send them to your employees, or else they can take the hard copy themselves if they really need it.
These are some of the tips which I use to reduce my paperwork and it really helps. If you have more ideas for it, I will be happy to have your comments.