New SolutionDot App Helps Customers Safely and Efficiently Reopen

SolutionDot today released a replacement solution to assist organizations protect their workforce and communities because the economy begins to reopen. The new SolutionDot application helps SolutionDot customers create, track, and record the in-person interactions of individuals suspected of getting COVID-19 infections.

The new SolutionDot help SolutionDot customers protect employees and customers at physical locations by providing a centralized place to efficiently and securely create and track cases of infected people within the workforce. HR professionals or other authorized users can manually record interactions into SolutionDot when a worker reports testing positive for COVID-19. The appliance can then generate an inventory of potential interactions an infected employee had with other individuals supported the employee’s location, time entry location, reporting structure, project team members, and SolutionDot calendar events. With these results and therefore the ability to log additional interactions, HR professionals and other authorized users, can quickly respond and help create safer work environments. The new application includes:

  1. Case Management: Helps organizations create cases for all infected employees and track their in-person interaction details.
  2. Security and Privacy: Administrators assign access to users to regulate and limit who can perform an inquiry and manage a case.
  3. Tracking: Helps organizations keep track of infections by automatically running an inquiry of an infected person to urge an inventory of potential interactions with people at work within an outlined period of time.
  4. Notifications: Helps organizations build an inventory of at-risk contacts to enable quick and timely communication with other possibly affected members of the workforce through customized email distribution.
  5. Reporting: Helps organizations support local government-related safety orders by enabling them to quickly, efficiently, and securely export and share collected workforce case interaction data.