What are the Pros & Cons of Parental Monitoring Software?

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What is Parental Monitoring Software?

Parental Monitoring Software refers for a wide range of software programs for wide range of devices and technologies. All these software’s facilitate one user (parent) to control the usage and access of another user (child). 

In the context of kids (Child) exposure to different technologies, Parental Monitoring are some features which include digital television service, mobile devices, Smart Phones, video games, computer and software. This parental monitoring can be categorized into four major types:

  1. Content Filtration,
  2. Control Usage,
  3. Computer Usage Management tools and Monitoring,
  4. Smart Devices Control Usage & Monitoring

Pros & Cons of Parental Monitoring Software

The internet itself is full of pros and cons; with a click of button we can access anything available on the internet. This easy access can be really dangerous for kids, who don’t have an idea which information is appropriate or not. With the amount of time kids spending on the internet these days put an extra responsibility on parents to keep an eye on their kids. To cater this threatening situation we have parental controlling or monitoring software.


Pros of Parental Monitoring Software

Obviously every parent wants to save their kids from the evils of the world but all parents don’t perceive the evils in same way. Some are over protective and make quick decisions while others give full freedom. Evidently we know both extremes cannot be acceptable, so therefore parental monitoring program and software are best options to tackle these problems. Parental monitoring software is a safety guard for busy parents. It helps parents to control and protect kids without checking their computer and smartphones manually on a daily basis. With the help of Parental monitoring software one can easily block websites that have inappropriate content, like pornography, violence, cyber bullying, etc. The Parental monitoring software also provide a track record of your kid, what he is doing online and you can take appropriate actions when requires. You can simply set the software setting as strict as you wish to be. When a website will be requested to open, it will scan the page 1st before display things like:

  1. Pornography
  2. Gambling Related Content
  3. Profanity
  4. Drugs & Alcohol Related Content
  5. Violence

Parental monitoring software also allows you to set customized settings as per your child age. You can change the setting as your kid grows and learns according to your kid maturity level and requirements. Also, one can block any attempt of sending personal information to on the internet. Parents can also update their selves with new techniques, how protect their kids from harmful content on the internet. Read 2016 Best Parental Monitoring Software & their Reviews.

Cons of Parental Monitoring Software

As we discussed some pros of Parental monitoring software which defiantly work, but there are some cons as well.  One main con of using such parental monitoring software is the possibility of losing the respect and trust of your children. Once they discovered they have been spayed and monitored, it could create tension between you and your children. Another con is that children always try to find out the new way trespassing security set by you. We cannot underestimate child intelligence, they might use somebody else smartphone or computer to access anything. So we have to educate our children rather than putting securities and completely relying on it. Sometimes it also noticed that blocking software accidentally block some important websites which can be very useful and informative for child’s. Free Web Based Tool for Facebook Content Filtration.


Whether you use parental monitoring or not you must have knowledge about the potential threat and how these parental controls can help you.  Websites and technology is changing incredibly on daily basis, so it’s impossible to have 100% protection by Parental monitoring software for your child.