Top 5 School Management System Features Loved By Parents

School Management System

A school management system is today’s significant requirements for an institute. It is mostly used by the schools and other institutes to improve their management and bring an ease of working for administration, teachers and the students. It is also appreciated by the parents, in fact, there are some essential features especially required by the parents. The school management system is convent to control different area of management.


Some important features loved by the parents are enlisted below:


The enrolment facility of online school management system allows the parents to register their children for next academic year. It supports with the availability of online registration forms as well as entry tests.

Online Student Attendance:

One of the significant features of the online school management system is it attendance management and view by all authorized entities. Parents may have access to view the attendance of their kids in a single window. They can see the real-time attendance and get notified about leaves.

Fees Management:

A school management system allows the parents to have a view of updated fee plans. Parents may check all previous and pending fee details with monthly installments. They can monitor the details and also get notified regarding upcoming dues.

Teacher Connection:

Most parents find it difficult to take a special time out to discuss the children’s performance with their teachers. A module of school management system especially associated with the student's information details. It allows parents to communicate with the teachers to monitor their educational progress.

School Calendar:

An online school calendar is also available, it contains a clear route of the complete academic year. It shares the details of holidays, events, assignments, meetings, and lecture and exam schedule.

These are the top 5 school management features associated with student’s performance. They are loved by the families to streamline the flow of daily school activities for students as well as parents.