Is PaaS supportive in Maintaining Uptime?

Disaster can occur anytime, it is the methodology of a great businessman to plan for expected risks initially. If they don’t plan, it may create serious business problems. Because disaster can raid in any form i.e. network crash, application failure, and any other reason. It is necessary to always get ready for the unexpected situation. You always need to have a complete recovery plan and cloud based solution to keep the situation under control. Usually, IaaS model is adopted by the businesses. It is used to manage third-party hardware that is required for data restoring.

Definition of PaaS

PaaS is a platform that is used to development as well as the deployment of web-based applications. Let’s have an example of Window Azure. Microsoft is providing its complete networking, storage, server, database and even the operating system. These are the essentials to build as well as execute your one application. If you’re moving towards the cloud-hosted infrastructure e.g. Platform as a Services (PaaS). It offers a lot of features to support your application and also minimize the cost.

Numerous Data Centers

PaaS service provider sustains data center around the globe along with the highly available infrastructure. It offers a wide range of efficient solutions for local disaster recovery. The availability of data center ensures that if any of them is fail due to any reason, the application could be easily executed to some other server and center.It also supports as automatic traffic manager that enable user distribution to different users. In PaaS services, the list of priority servers could be easily created. It diminishes the possibilities of data redundancy and unexpected interruptions.

Data Security

Let’s talk about the major threat and extreme concern of SMBs. This is undoubtedly Cyberattack or data breaching. Therefore, companies have their own data backup plans. PaaS allows the data protection in several ways. At the initial level, Platform as a Services offers 256-bit application level encryption. This encryption is provided for data integrity.Encryption and management policies have restricted the access of unauthorized users. It stops the illegal access to the application and prevents the interruptions. PaaS could be efficiently used for your built-in data backup service. It automatically creates different copies of the application data, those copies could be used to implement restore in case of current files destruction.

Enterprise-Level Platform

Development of the infrastructure and the applications through cloud services provides i.e. Microsoft and Amazon etc. is a vast set up. These cloud providers support the software with enterprise level storage, hardware, and networks. They have unlimited resources for component management. They enable the backup and recovery with technological access.


In server downtime, the disasters and the security reasons are not only reasons. Another major reason could be continuously increased traffic that reduces the performance of the web-based application or might also be a strong reason for an application crashes. If your applications slow or become unresponsive during the execution, the end-user will surely start to search for an alternative solution. It will affect the reputation of your application as well as reduces the revenue.Platform as a Services is offering the scaling features to make your job easier. It allows you to easily increase the storage as well as network capacity. So the increased traffic doesn’t interrupt the services. Scale settings could be configured according to the application usage and traffic. Let’s have an example if the business is expecting the increased traffic from any available source. The administration can simply log in to their portal and set the scaling accordingly.The auto-scaling feature also offers functional flexibility. This flexibility is supportive in workload and keeps the application secure in its downtime without affecting the increased traffic.

Disaster Recovery Testing

PaaS application secure the system and data from any expected and unexpected disaster recovery. It is necessary to make an entire disaster recovery plan and complete testing before execution. Platform as a service support in identifying the disaster and traffic-related issues in depth. Identification of the issue is the 1st step towards the resolution. Once you’re fully aware of the problem, it will be easier to plan for the solution or to get an advice from the experts.Platform as a Service (PaaS) seems to be more complicated than the IaaS as well as SaaS. But it is offering a wide range of excellent features the makes your organization more powerful and effective. As the applications and data is always the priority for all type of business and PaaS is undoubtedly an excellent solution for all problems.Let us help in smooth PaaS migration for your business data center and security and infrastructure management. We can support you in making sure the integration of best solution including the DR planning and much more.