Why Usage of Applicant Tracker is Important

Why Usage of Applicant Tracker is Important for Hiring Process
Doing manual job posting and having multiple job boards is a huge problem for the human resource department. Furthermore, resume sorting, applicant screening, and tracking is another important but headache task. Today’s we’re living in the world where the mailbox is actually overloaded with a lot of messages. Need to define priorities for huge tasks. The arrival of every email cause unwanted interruptions. Completing your daily activities get harder day-to-day. It becomes difficult to have professional and potential hiring. An applicant tracker is becoming professional’s foremost choice that is much appreciated by human resource professionals. Because of manual hiring process cause more mistakes i.e.
  • Neglecting Important Pre-screening Steps
  • Interrupt Hiring Decisions
  • Create Application Procedure too Awkward for Candidates
  • Cause Lose of Potential Applicants
In order to overcome all primary problems, what actually a company can do? They can hire more people in the human resource department. This suggestion is definitely going to increase the budget of an organization. So, why don’t start using smart steps to have successful hiring with an efficient solution? Implementation of right applicant tracker is going to be the best solution to manage all complexities of recruitment.

Important of Using Right Application Tracking Software Technology

An applicant tracking software helps the recruiters in streamlining all recruiting efforts that automates all important processes so most of the time could be utilized in cultivating a strong relationship with clients and ensure potential hiring that fits with organizational culture. The best application tracking solution contains the following features:
  • Mobile-friendly Career Pages
  • Integration of User-friendly Job Portal
  • An Applicant Management Portal
  • The capability of Advanced Search
  • Comprehensive Communication Management Tool Integration
  • Enhanced Reporting Feature
  • Wide Database for Applicant Record History
  • Onboarding Portal
  • Job Application Management
  • Applicant Profile Management
  • Customized Workflow
In the unavailability of best applicant tracker, all of these tasks seems to be a great headache, therefore, we can say the integration of software helps the recruiters in making their day with unlimited benefits.

Benefits of Applicant Tracker

Some of the major benefits of integrating an applicant tracking software are enlisted below:


It consumes a lot of time to manually post jobs for different websites and portals. This is not it, but you have to promote these openings to a social media platform. It actually eats up quality hours of the day. This is not enough but opening up email and responding to every applicant separately again steal hours.Applicant tracker is an outstanding technological solution that automates all of the important tasks like applicant pre-screening and communicational channel. It enables you to deal with perfectly potential candidates. Heavy reports could also be prepared in minutes.

Building Relationship with Strong Communication

A perfect candidate tracker supports the recruiters in hiring professional candidates by building a strong relationship with easy communication. It leaves a professionally great impression to candidates. It helps in keeping them engaged in a professional way through one to one personalized email communication, notifying them with regular job updates and updating them regarding their application status.

Right Data Collection

If companies are using best applicant tracker, they got an ability to get access all required data at once that is important to ensure whether the candidate is perfect for position or not. Such data is helpful in reviewing the passive applicants, sorting potential resume and merge all duplicate contacts.This is not enough, selection of right tools and integration of relevant modules make it easy to conduct a quick background check, references reviews, and other candidate’s personality assessments. These all records are necessary to maintain for the hiring process.

Enhanced Candidate’s Experience

Don’t under-estimate the needs and requirements of today’s job seeker. They’re well-aware with tools of technology it becomes necessary for the employer to take care of their expectations. If an employer is not using technology and updating their system, it simply leaves an impression that they’re not investing in their people. Applicant tracking solution makes it easier to reach the job seekers through different platforms and your message will be immediately reached to the potential candidate through its mobile-friendly features. They’ll also be able to reach your brand career and other pages. It increases the experience of the job seeker to streamline their job requests.

Selection of Right Applicant Tracking Solution

Today’s talent acquisition is more competitive therefore, the organization should consider having the right solution that helps in meeting current recruitment challenges. The employer will be able to work more efficiently in an attractive way. This is perfect for screening and hiring the best candidates. In order to get all benefits, ensure to select right applicant tracker that can give a competitive edge to your business in managing and engaging the professional candidates.