Top 10 web design trends in 2016

Top 10 web design trends in 2016

In the world of online business with new technology every business owner know the importance of website designing, they know it very well that how the growth of their business could be changed with eye-catching and attractive web design. In 2016 a lot of business owners make themselves online visible by understanding its importance so there is a strong need to know about the top web design trends in 2016. It is important because it will help us understanding the coming trends in 2017 so we may adopt the related approach accordingly. Top 10 web design trends in 2016 are explained below;

Top 10 web design trends in 2016

1- Browser-Based IDEs

The trend of desktop IDEs is an old one but today technology has provided browser-based IDEs. There is no need to download install IDE in your system because writing a code just need your access to the internet and browser. You can just write the code on the browser and also save it on the cloud based browser for further use. These browsers support different programming languages, especially front-end designing languages such as HTML, CSS, and java etc.

2- Custom Videos

Different organization normally prepare and add custom videos to their web design, these videos will be a great source of information for the clients. The purpose of these videos is to explain the complete working procedure of product and service and make it easy to understand without any further assistance. These videos explain the key points within few minutes and save a lot of time.

3- Fullscreen forms

Fullscreen forms are also one of the top trends in 2016. These forms are normally designed by keeping in mind the user-friendliness. These forms and overlays have a lot of space and allow the best user interaction. It makes the interaction easy and simple on the other hand it also encourages the user to keep their complete focus on that specific page or form.

4- Responsive designs and frameworks

Responsive designs have their own importance in today’s technology and its demand in increasing day by day, therefore, it is declared in the top 10 web trends in 2016. By keeping in view the rising demand of responsive designs different frameworks or their layout could be used to make it easy for the designer or developer such as bootstrap. These frameworks have made it easy to design an auto responsive web design.

5- UI Animations

UI animation is an important factor to increase the user experience, it doesn't mean that only a UI animation creates the good design but it means that it can convert the good design into the great design. It could be more eye-catching and gather the user attraction. Always keep in mind that UI animation is not an animated movie but a simple and user-friendly as well as eye-catching animation that could increase user’s experience. For these animations, there are different tools available along within libraries along with the CSS3 transitions.

6- Server-Side JavaScript

Server-Side JavaScript has become a web trend in 2016, it allows to post messages to the web server without any reloading of the website or the page. This server-side JavaScript could be used for both front or back end development and helps the developers in different ways. It helps in improving the speed and capability of the website.

7- Touch supported features

Nowadays touch supported features are being used by the website designer as well as in the different frameworks. Usually, people are using smartphones for the browsing and searching and need the touch supported features for its user-friendliness, therefore, this feature is added to the different frameworks. This feature is implemented on the website to handle and support different touch events.

8- Single page sites

The trend of single page scrolling sites is also quite popular nowadays. Normally this is a site that completely consists on one page along with the features of long scrolling and navigation. These are user-friendly and responsive websites and could enable the user to control at their on end.

9- Typography

It is completely understood that the typography and the font-faces have their own importance in web design for the user’s attraction. It also has influences on the different aspects of the website such as reliability and user’s experience etc. The designers are emphasizing the importance of font selection according to the nature of business and effective way of delivering their message.

10- Animation at hover

Animation at hover is also a trend in web design that attracts the attention of the user and increases its experience with great feedback. On the mouse hover, there could be some image or color effect that has the power to amaze the user and or on the other hand the animation at hover could be used to guide the user and increase the user-friendliness.

To Conclude

These are the top 10 web design trends in 2016 that has almost changed the trends of web design technology and could be expected future more in coming years.