Top 12 ERP Human Resource Management Software in 2016

Top 12 ERP Human Resource Management Software in 2016

ERP human resource management software if a software enriched with affected features of human resource management department. It offers a wide range of the solutions to the HR department and makes it possible to access all data with few clicks. HR ERP is a flexible enough system that offers services to efficiently organize the employee data and streamline the process of managing the human resources in the department. This system maintains the record and details of employee attendance, salary, performance evaluation and different other information. This system facilitates the HR department in different aspects such as personal management, organizational management, time management and payroll management etc. top 12 ERP Human Resource Management software of Saudi Arabia are listed below:

Top 12 ERP Human Resource Management Software in 2016

1- DriveHR:

DriveHR is a complete ERP HR software along with the integration of HR and payroll management system. DriveHR streamlines the process of Human resource department and with the efficiency of time. The performance evaluation of DriveHR always makes it easy to evaluate the performance of employees that helps in the making decisions about the promotion and increments of employees. DriveHR helps in performing various administrative actions with transparent and improved information.

2- Kronos Workforce Ready Software:

Kronos Workforce Ready Software is a cloud based platform to manage the human resource department. It allows the time management, performance management, compensation management, payroll management and many management of various other HR management events. It helps in streamlining the complete process of human resource department.


3- ClearCompany HRM Software:

ClearCompany HRM Software is a solution of different problems of human resources department. This software allows talent management as well as the performance evaluation of the employees. This is a platform that combines the recruiting, performance, onboarding, performance management and goal tracking.

4- Performance Pro:

Performance Pro is a complete and comprehensive performance appraisal system fo the HR professionals. This system allows aligning the employee’s goals with specific strategic initiatives as well as it automates the process of performance evaluation.

5- Ascentis:

Ascentis provides a complete and comprehensive solution of HCM. Ascentis helps the HR professionals to get an insight of trends and employee’s merits. It is an efficient system that helps in making the HR team more productive.

6- iCIMS:

iCIMS is offering the scalable HR software solutions. They are helping the different organization in recruiting the talented people with ease. Their applicant tracking system allows the management to meet with right people and build a complete workforce. It streamlines the process of recruiting management. It combines the automation with innovation and helping in improving the productivity.

7- Jobvite Software:

The Jobvite software solutions support at the different stages of recruiting. It helps in managing the complete hiring process and talent management by building the talent pipeline. It also helps in accelerating the productivity that leads the employee towards the job satisfaction.

8- Sage HRMS Software:

Sage HRMS Software is a complete suite of HR applications to optimize the employee life cycle. It allows the customization of software according to the size of business whether it is small, mid or large size organization. It helps in reducing the administrative workload as well as a workforce.

9- Epicor HCM Software:

Epicor HCM is offering the integrated talent management system as well as the human capital management system. It offers deep functionality also allows the flexibility for the integration. It is quite helpful in increasing the productivity of employees.

10- BambooHR Software:

BambooHR is a software that consolidates the complete employee information from all departments gives a complete access to the management to access, control, analyze and sort the information according to their requirements. It allows making a successful transition of employee information to manage and personalized.

11- The Applicant Manager:

The Applicant Manager is a solution that allows improving the recruitment with a streamlined process. it allows the recruiter to build their own centralized database and make it easy to perform different tasks.

12- Halogen TalentSpace:

Halogen TalentSpace is a software solution that makes it easy for the organizations to build and maintain the workforce. It makes the talent and performance management quite simple.

To Conclude:

These are the top 12 best ERP HR Software that has the capability to change the approach of human resource management and make the life of HR department quite easy. They are the latest tools of technology a have ability to improve the complete infrastructure of HR department.