Top 4 e-learning trends of 2017

e-learning trend

E-learning is an excellent solution according to the learner’s desire based on digital technology revolution. Electronic learning is a faster, cost-effective and efficient procedure of learning by keeping in view the user’s ease as well as organization’s profitability. E-learning has different positive and direct effects on the learners such as:

  • It has improved the long-term retention of the information
  • It has increased the ratio of learners at national as well as global level.
  • It cuts downs the traveling cost
  • It allows the learners to get focused on their learning specific program or subject.

Top 4 e-learning trends of 2017

E-learning is not going to vanish in coming years but will be improved with the passage of time. To explore the importance of e-learning in coming years top 4 e-learning trends of 2017 are discussed in detail:

Enhancement of Mobile Learning:

In 2017 the mobile learning is going to be enhanced more because the users of the smartphone are increasing rapidly. Day by day increased smartphone users want to facilitate themselves and don’t bother to get access through desktop PC, therefore, it could be predicted that to facilitate them in a better way the trend of mobile e-learning is going be increased. Mobile e-learning is a platform to attract more user and improve the learning skills of the learners. Mobile e-learning could be accessed anywhere and anytime, therefore, organizations are also paying attention to this tool of learning.

YouTube/ Video-Based Learning:

Video-based learning is also a great source of learning for the users. The professional tutor or the organizations record their video lectures or the guidelines and share it with other users through YouTube or their own community. The employees as well as students improve their understandings with the help of such video tutorials. There could be seen a lot of video lectures for the students related to their training or specific courses. This video based learning will be an important trend of learning in 2017.

Forum Based Learning:

Forum based learning is an old but efficient technique of time, in this technique the learners will be able to share their confusion, ideas, and questions. This is also a right place to get different answers or ideas related to your problems and helps in the improvement of your skills as well as confidence. Forum based learning means you are going to get different answers related to one question or also could arise more questions from that one question. This technique is an efficient way to enhance your understandings.

Social e-learning:

Social e-learning is an innovative tool for learning and a trend of e-learning in 2017. In Social e-learning, the learner is facilitated to share their opinions and explore their learning experiences. Learning through social media is not a new thing but a speedy and way of information collection or learning. Learners are quite comfortable with such kind of learning tools and find it more reliable tool for better understanding and increasing productivity.

To Conclude

These are the top 4 e-learning trends of 2017 that significantly confirms that the e-learning is going to raise in 2017 and coming years according to the learner’s demand. The ratio of e-learners is increasing by the organizations as well as institutes to explore and enhance the learning skills of employees or the students. The most important thing the cloud based e-learning is also becoming an essential trend of 2017. Cloud based e-learning is especially promoted by different institutes as well as the organizations for the amazing learning experience, everyone is getting the advantage of e-learning solutions in different manners and exploring the world beyond the learning.