Top 8 Captivating and Hot Programming Trends in 2016

Top 8 Captivating and Hot Programming Trends in 2016

Programming is an amazing field having a lot of different innovations to provide a dynamic solution of user’s problems. It requires passion along with flawless programming skills especially in today’s world where technology is developing day to day, programming requires the marvelous activities to keep the industry at the peak. Programming has various trends that could be discussed, customized and improved to enhance their efficiency and usability. At the end of the year, there is a need to discuss the programming trends that could help us in estimation about the coming trends in the field of programming. So keeping all factors in view top 8 captivating and hot programming trends in 2016 are stated below:

Top 8 Captivating and Hot Programming Trends in 2016

1- Node.js

Node.js is has become a programming trend along with JavaScript callback model of programming. Node.js has harmony with all browsers and work really fast even more than anyone could expect from this. It helps in producing code faster and making it easier for the developers to move around the features and duplicate the functionality.

2- Preprocessors

The creation of preprocessors is the latest programming trend instead of full language stack. They don't create full programming language but develop  the preprocessors that interpret codes into roughly old with a set of APIs and libraries. It helps in the development of scripting languages such as JavaScript and Python.

3- PHP 7.0

Once there was a time to use simple PHP for the dynamic websites, and HTML tags are required to embed the code for some variability. But now PHP 7.0 has improved the performance along with faster execution. PHP 7.0 is much faster and efficient enough to improve the trend of web development and make it easier for the developers.

4- SVG + JavaScript on Canvas

There was a time flash was an attractive thing for the people, it is not wrong to say that it make people crazy for a long time. But now JavaScript has almost replaced it beautifully, it has an ability to work like that. The manufacturers of browser and the developers feel quite relax they find the better integration with DOM layers like Scalable Vactor Graphic (SVG) that is easy to use.

5- Spark

Spark has replaced the trend of Hadoop with some new approach or ideas. It keeps the data in fast memory instead of necessitating the whole thing be inscribed to the distributed file system.

6- Frameworks for Game

In past development of games was not an easy thing because developer craft complete games from the scratch that take their a lot of time. But today everything has almost changed, it doesn’t mean that no one is trying to develop the games but it simply means that the developers got different efficient, reliable and reusable frameworks for the development of games that make their life easy. The trend of frameworks enables the game developers to pay more attention to making the games more interesting and dynamic.

7- GitHub

Before hiring a candidate view only their resumes is not an enough thing nowadays but for the programming candidate, the employer wants to have a glance at their code along with the coding skills. At a glance, it is easy to find out the coding style, code commenting, architecture and many other points could be checked. This is the reason it is now a trend to participate in open source projects that help the programmers to find out good jobs and employer to find the potential candidates.

8- Cloud complexity

In previous days the vendors of cloud computing were focusing on the simplicity of cloud and not paying attention to the right machines for the right program. Today they are paying attention to the performance level of could and making it complex so they may support some of the good machines but performs well efficiently.

To Conclude:

These are the top 8 captivating and hot programming trends in 2016  that changed the programming approach and enhanced the user’s experience. Programming trends constantly replaced each other along with the new technology so they will also replace by the others in coming years.