Top ERP Trends – Revolution of Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is also rapidly being transferred to all other industries. This transformation is due to technology evaluations. It is getting competitive advantages from this revolution. Transformation of manufacturing industry has improved the agility. The industry is positively reviewing and accepting this change to overcome its flaws. This change is supporting them in staying ahead in today’s business area. Transformation in the manufacturing industry is keeping the business more successful and growing.

Top ERP Trends for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Globalization

Nowadays, geographical limits for a business should be removed. Technology has understood the problem and started to remove it for business growth. It has made things easier to understand because all of the information, product details, and other relevant data could be easily accessed. Now manufacturers are able to share all of the product information at international level. So, we can say that technology has expanded the market for manufactures. Not only the information but with the support of international logistics, now manufacturer are allowed to deliver and send material anywhere in the world.


When it comes to the productivity of a manufacturing industry, the technological impact has improved it for all. The factor of automation could be observed and understood by the technology. Therefore, it has emphasized the automation improvement. Mechanical efforts are improved by technology with the support of internet of things (IoT).


Virtual working, as well as prompt data transfer, is becoming important with the change in time. It also has increased the reliability of procedure and data transfer. Therefore, mobile based solutions are becoming more popular in the industry.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP software with the cloud is already being used and accepted by the industry. Nowadays cloud based ERP solutions are becoming the significant trend. Cloud ERP is quite a different form of On-Premise ERP solutions. An On-Premise ERP solution is installed and executed in-house. They are maintained and managed by the companies hosting and executing the information technology department of the organization. While cloud based ERP solutions could be easily accessed by internet. They’re easy to access and are available for all authorized people. The flexibility demand by manufacturing industry could be easily fulfilled through cloud ERP solutions. Now it becomes easier to virtually work from any location.

E-commerce Integration

There are a variety of E-commerce platforms including Shopify, Big Commerce and a wide range of marketplaces i.e. Amazon and eBay has integrated ERP solutions. Such integration support in data synchronization i.e. order, shipping, inventory, and invoices. This integration is supportive in avoiding the manual tasks like data entry and diminish the errors.

Artificial Intelligence

The importance of artificial intelligence has been predicted by several famous organizations. Therefore, manufacturers have started investing in artificial intelligence. This interaction of manufacturers and artificial intelligence is beneficial for all stakeholders including the manufacturer as well as the customer.  Artificial intelligence is not only making the life easier but also supporting in boosting business.If we talk about the car and machinery manufactures, AI also has provided complete support to them. It has intelligently captured the navigation system to place advancements. Furthermore, it is also being observed that now manufacturers are getting the support of AI in development of driverless cars.Same in the case of the manufacturer of the healthcare industry. AI technologies are supportive for the radiologists. There is a wide range of AI applications available in the market to support the radiologists in determining and interpreting the data. It uses different algorithms to access right information.The support of artificial intelligence in different industries couldn’t be ignored. Now it is admired and accepted by the global manufacturers. Robots are relying on AI technology and it is rapidly using a different type of machine industries including automation and electronics.Technology is offering a wide range of solutions for the support of end-user to make their life easier. Manufacturers are considering most reliable and secure solutions by understanding the worth of technology. They’re considering to implement the right and most reliable solutions to revolutionize their solutions. These are the few ERP trends that will positively revolutionize the entire manufacturing industry.